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Proj Man Definitions Page

These Definitions are contributed by you (our online community members). They are organized by our knowledge base topics. Specifically, by the Proj Man sub-topics.

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8 PM, Process, and PSDP Definitions

Group: PM, Process, and PSDP

Topic: PSDP & Process

#1. PSDP Items - A task, requirement item, design item, test script, or defect. Generically you could refer to items in PSDP as software artifacts (especially requirement items, design items, and test scripts). A PSDP Artifact is a feature that links to together a task, requirement item, design item, and test script.
#2. Waterfall Process - With the waterfall approach to developing software, one phase of the development cycle follows the other and the user is involved only at the beginning during the requirements gathering phase and at the end during the acceptance phase. The requirements gathering in the waterfall approach is critical and unless it is 100 percent perfect, the project will fall short. Other processes, including PSDP, involve the end user throughout the process ensuring a better outcome.

Topic: PSDP Analysis

#3. Actor (PSDP Online) - In PSDP Online, an actor is a UML Actor, role, or person that interfaces with the system you are building. When establishing actors of your system, do not think in terms of a specific person, think in terms of their role. Do not name an actor the name of the person filling the role. If Bob is our Sales Clerk, name your actor Sales Clerk (not Bob).
#4. PSDP Requirement Item - A software artifact that documents what the software must do. In PSDP, we collect general requirements and requirement items. Together the general requirements and requirement items make up the Requirements Specification. Also, requrement items are one of the four items that make up a PSDP Artifact.

Topic: PSDP Artifacts

#5. PSDP Artifact - In PSDP Online, a PSDP Artifact links together a task, requirement item, design item, and test script all with the same name and associated with the same project category (if used). You can edit a PSDP artifact as a whole or expand any of the four linked items to include more details. A PSDP artifact simplifies some of the complexities of working with linked items. For example, you get workflow with the linked task, and actors and status of the other items at the artifact level. When you change the artifact name or category, all four items are updated. When you link an actor to an artifact, the requirement item, design item, and test script are updated. The same is true when you change the project/app status.

Topic: PSDP Categories

#6. PSDP Category - A PSDP Category is a PSDP Online feature that allows you to group and organize Tasks, Requirement Items, Design Items, Test Scripts, Builds, and Defects. The PM can turn this optional feature on or off for each feature supported. You can use them any way you wish. A typical use is to organize a project by high level requirements that the client can understand. Under this usage, categories become a intermediate requirement between General Requirements and Requirement Items.

Topic: PSDP Checkpoints

#7. PSDP Checkpoints -

A checkpoint is NOT a task, but rather a milestone. A point in the project that marks significant progress. Although PSDP contains many standard checkpoints, the executive sponsor and project manager must agree on the checkpoints they wish to track. Once established, tasks can be associated with a checkpoint and you can easily view what tasks are completed per checkpoint and what checkpoints do NOT have tasks established yet.

Topic: PSDP Design

#8. PSDP Design Item - A software artifact that documents how the software will accomplish what is documented in the requirements. In PSDP, we collect general design and specific detail items. Together the general design and design items make up the Design Specification. Also, design items are one of the four items that make up a PSDP Artifact.

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