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These FAQs are contributed by you (our online community members). They are organized by our knowledge base topics. Specifically, by the Analyst sub-topics.

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1 Analysis & UML FAQs

Group: Analysis & UML

Topic: Analysis & UML

-Collapse +Expand Q1. Should the analyst be responsible for collecting domain entities and attributes?

If the analyst is qualified sure, but if they're not, don't push it. Many times a resource was made the analyst not because they are a great analyst but because they have great people skills, know the domain well, and can document process well. Under that scenario, I prefer a programmer analyst work with the business analyst to identify entities and attributes. If the analyst is not good at documenting process, find a new analyst.

In PSDP, we overcome this problem by creating the database and GUI prototype during the requirements phase. By forcing the creation of the database while discovering what the client wants, you force the identifying of entitities and attributes.

In UML, sometimes analysts create class diagrams to create the database. The Data Model is a much better choice.

Posted By Mike Prestwood, Post #100969, KB Topic: Analysis & UML

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