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Group: American I.T. Workforce

Topic: American I.T. workforce

Q&A: Education & Work Experience
Question: I have a a 2 year associates degree and 1 year of work experience as a Programmer. Do I qualify for the H-1B visa?


No. You must have at least a U.S. Bachelor (4-year) Degree or it's equivalent.

3 years of work experience is equivalent to 1 year of University. So, if you have 6 years of work experience and 2 years of college, you could qualify. The Degree and work experience must be directly relevant to your job title.

Tip: Employer Must Have an LCA
If you are on a H-1B Visa, and you are moving to a new work location in a different state, make sure your new employer has got an LCA for you, to work in the new location.
Q&A: H-1b Quotas
Question: How does the H-1B visa quota criteria work?


Each October 1st, the USCIS makes available a certain number of H-1B visas for the next 12 months.

The Quota for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2007 (October 1st, 2006 to September 30th, 2007) is 65,000. There is also a quota of 20,000 for US Master Degree Holders, effectively making the quota 85,000.

The earliest you can apply for the H-1B Visa is 6 months before the requested start date. You may file on or after 4/1/06 for a 10/1/06 start date.

H-1B visa holders are not subject to the quota when applying for a transfer to another company or an extension with the same company.

Q&A: Permanent intentions for H-1B according to U.S. law
Question: Can an H-1B Visa holder come to the United States with the intention of staying permanently?


No. Under U.S. law, a non-immigrant is a visitor traveling to the U.S. that does NOT intend to stay permanently. To stay permanently, the visitor must obtain an Immigrant Visa (IV). An H-1B Visa is a type of NON-Immigrant visa (NIV).

Q&A: Who is Eligible?
Question: I would like to work in the U.S. Can I apply for the H-1B visa by myself, without an employer?


No. You must have a legitimate job offer from a U.S. company or organization.

Topic: American-Based Companies

Q&A: American-based Anti Adware

Which anti-adware/anti-malware products are made by American-based companies?


There are several free and paid American-based products. I tend to recommend the free Spyware Blaster for home users and Webroot's SpySweeper for businesses.

To be clear, the two leading free anti-adware products SpyBot Search & Destroy and Ad-Aware are not American-based. However, unlike anti-virus software, you can run multiple anti-adware products at the same time and benefit from their combined protection. For home users, I like to make sure they have enough RAM and install both the American-based Spyware Blaster and the Swedish-based SpyBot Search & Destroy. That's a powerful combination. For our business clients I tend to stir them toward Webroot's Spysweeper.

Topic: Foreign Worker Visas: H-1B, L-1

Q&A: Employers Pay for H-1B

Do employers have to pay to hire an H-1B worker?


Yes, they have to pay about $2,000 and they frequently ask the worker to pay the fee.



Definition: The H-1B is a non-immigrant visa category in the United States under the Immigration & Nationality Act, section 101(a)(15)(H). It allows U.S. employers to seek temporary help from skilled foreigners.
Q&A: H-1B Specialized Skill

Do H-1B workers have to have a specialized skill?


No, they only have to have a BS degree in math, science, or engineering. There is no such thing as a skills test, nor standard, nor GPA requirement. An H-1B worker can have a D average from the worst college in the world.


Non-Immigrant Visa (NIV)

Definition: A type of visa usually used for tourist, business, student, or specialty worker. It is valid for the purpose of visiting, studying, or working a specialty job. Under U.S. law, a non-immigrant is a visitor traveling to the U.S. that does NOT intend to stay permanently. To stay permanently, the visitor must obtain an Immigrant Visa (IV).

Specialty Occupation


The following is based on the Dept of Labor website as of 1/31/2008:

Requires the theoretical and practical application of a body of specialized knowledge and a bachelor's degree or the equivalent in the specific specialty (e.g., sciences, medicine and health care, education, biotechnology, and business specialties, etc…). Current laws limit the number of foreign workers who may be issued a visa or otherwise be provided H-1B status to 65,000.
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