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C# Language Basics


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A variable holds a value that you can use and change throughout your code so long as the variable is within scope. With variable declaration, you not only want to know the syntax of how you declare a variable but you also want to know where. Are you allowed to declare a variable inline? What are the available scopes: local vs. global. Can you assign a value at the same time you declare a variable?

C#:   Int16 x=0;

C++, Java, and C# all use C-like variable declaration.

C# has C-like variable declaration and although variables are case sensitive, VS.Net will auto-fix your variable names to the defined case.

C# offers many variable types. Some common types used include short, intlong, float, double, decimal, Int16, UInt16, Int32, Int64, string, and bool.

You can also specify the value when you declare a variable as in:

String FirstName = "Mike";
String LastName = "Prestwood";
Int16 Age = 42;
Syntax Example:
string FullName;
int16 Age;
double Weight;
FullName = "Mike Prestwood";
Age = 32;
Weight = 154.4;

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