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C# Operators

String Concatenation

C#:  "String Concatenation" +

C# performs implicit casting of numbers to strings. To concatenate two strings, a string to an integer, or a string to a floating point number, use the + operator. For example, to convert a floating point number to a string just concatenate an empty string to the number as in "" + 3.2.

Alternatively, you can use the System.Text.StringBuilder class which frequently but not always provides faster code.

Syntax Example:
String FirstName;
String LastName;
Int16 Age;
FirstName = "Mike";
LastName = "Prestwood";
Age = 43;
Console.WriteLine(FirstName + " " + LastName + " is " + Age + ".");
//Implicit casting of numbers.
//This fails:
//This works:
MessageBox.Show("" + 3.3); 

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