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4 Articles Found in the OPAL: Reports Topic 

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1. How I Generate a List of Top Customers for a Specific Sales Representative

This is a useful report I made using the Paradox ObjectPAL coding to create a listing of top customers for a specific sales representative along with an order date range input. It’s a good insight into who your sales people are selling to and how much in a given time period.

6 years ago, and updated 15 months ago

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Mike Prestwood
2. Modify groups of objects in a report. How to use enumUIObjectNames and attach to manipulate a group of objects on a report.
16 years ago
(3 Comments , last by Karen.g )

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3. Paradox ObjectPAL Dormant Customer Ordering Trend Report (Old and New Versions)

This article describes a Paradox ObjectPAL ordering trend reporting program I made that accepts a purchase order date range and a non-purchase order date range. It will report customers who bought during the purchase time period, but not during the non-purchase time period. There are 2 versions of this report. The older version uses only ObjectPAL Tcursors to perform the processing. The newer one incorporates programmatically executed queries in addition to Tcursors. The purpose of this report is to reveal those customers with declining sales.

7 years ago, and updated 15 months ago

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Mike Prestwood
4. Printing directly to a printer (no report) How to send text directly to a printer port (not using a report).
16 years ago
(1 Comments , last by Henry.e )

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