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  From the January 2008 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Paradox Installation, Setup, & BDE:
Corel Paradox for Windows on Vista
Posted 13 years ago on 2/4/2007 and updated 1/29/2011
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Does Corel Paradox for Windows run on Vista? If so, are there any issues? What about Windows 7?


Paradox 9, 10, and 11 run well on Windows 7, so skip Vista. Paradox 9 does run on Vista (not well, but you can do it) and Paradox 10 and above do run but there are some issues to keep an eye out here for detailed notes. If you have an earlier version, it will run on Vista but we do recommend you upgrade to Paradox 9 or Paradox Runtime. Refer to the links on this FAQ for complete and detailed instructions.

All the latest versions of Paradox run very well on Windows 7 including Paradox 9, 10, and 11. We are currently recommended to our clients that they skip Vista.

All the latest versions of Paradox run very well on Windows 7 including Paradox 9, 10, and 11. We are currently recommended to our clients that they skip Vista. Refer to our Can I install Paradox 10 or 11+ on Vista? post and our Install Paradox 9 on Vista for more information.

More Info

KB Post:  Can I install Paradox 10 or 11+ on Windows 7? Vista?
News:  Corel Ships Paradox with WordPerfect Office X3 Pro!
KB Post:  Install Paradox 9 on Windows 7, or even Vista!
FAQ:  Paradox for DOS on Vista
Blog:  The Future of Paradox Blog


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First Comment
Comment 1 of 24

I heard from Corel today and they said the following...

"...we will be releasing an SP to make Paradox 11 fully VISTA complient. There is no date yet, but it is being worked on to be released in the near future."

Since Paradox 12 and 13 are the same code-base as 11, this patch will apply to all 3.

Posted 13 years ago

Comment 2 of 24
I'm trying to run Paradox 11 on a Vista Home Premium-equipped laptop, and I can't get past the message: "Could not initialize BDE." Corel Answer ID#755302 lists three possible causes with fixes for each. I tried them all, to no avail. Any ideas?
Posted 13 years ago

Comment 3 of 24

Make sure that you have given full permissions to the user on your PC.  Paradox must have read, Write and EXECUTE permissions to the folder containing the .NET file.

Posted 13 years ago

Comment 4 of 24

For anyone interested 

I just installed Paradox 7 on my Vista Home Premium.

Firstly, I copied the Setup dir to my D: disk (This proved to be unnecessary)

Second, I moved pagefile.sys to D: to get more memory. 

The installation (setup.exe) then ran equally well off the CD or from the aforementioned copy on D:\

I changed the location of BDE and the BDE conf. files to C:\Program Files\Common Files\BDE  

in the installation dialog.

Now; how to get it running. 

From the web page: http://www.gartplan.dk/info/VistaConfig_US.htm 

I followed the instructions and changed permissions in the registry for users to "Full Control"  to the Borland folder under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE . 

Then, to allow Paradox access to a location (the default C:\ is not allowed in Vista) to create the PDOXUSRS.NET file, I created a new folder called  C:\BDEshare,

 and ran C:\Program Files\Common Files\BDE\BDECFG32.EXE  . 

There I changed the path of the value for NET DIR  to C:\BDEshare and saved. 

(This is where PDOXUSERS:NET file will be created at startup of first database)

Presto! Paradox 7 is up and running .

So, I logged off as administrator and logged on as a regular  user and tried to start Paradox again.

It failed. So, once more,  I ran

 C:\Program Files\Common Files\BDE\BDECFG32.EXE as user and changed

the path for the NET DIR to C:\BDEshare .


My Paradox 7 for Windows 95 & Windows NT is happily running on Vista Home Premium.

Kudos to Borland I must say, for creating such great software!



Posted 13 years ago

Comment 5 of 24

I followed Lars' instructions for making my Paradox 10 to work on Vista and it works.  However, I am getting the following popup error message when I close the program: 



 Do you think it is okay?  Should I continue to run Paradox?


Posted 13 years ago

Comment 6 of 24
Mike -- any word on that Pdox11 patch that's supposed to make it Vista friendly? Thx!
Posted 13 years ago

Comment 7 of 24
Did Lars' pdox 7 run without an exit error message.To David, I am using version 10 with a friend who is running it on vista, and the only error we get is the exit error. He uses it constantly and is having no other problems. The install is done in one hit installing separate BDE folder and installing registry entries directly via Inno installer.


Posted 12 years ago

Comment 8 of 24

I just ordered WordPerfect Pro X3 and was specifically told that Paradox would NOT run on Vista. I don't know why they say this.

Steve C

Posted 12 years ago

Comment 9 of 24

Hi All, just set the registry permissions for the BORLAND group as above and no exit error for Pdox10 runtime (vista business). Does anyone know if these permissions can be set as a registry function.

 Perhpas then the only matter in installation is to have Inno installer imediately open the BDE config program and instruct the user to set net dir.  Nearly a one hit installationBig Grin!)


Posted 12 years ago

Comment 10 of 24

Hi all

As a follow up, using Vista business, Pdox10 runtime and Inno installer, am able to do a single install (application and runtime) with no exit error on runtime close. Uses Inno during install to set registry entries and registery permissions.


Posted 12 years ago

Comment 11 of 24

I have just installed Paradox 10 on a new Vista machine and I am also getting the error message on exiting...is there a simple, step by step, lay person's way of fixing this?

Apart from the exit error, which seems to be a minor annoyance rather than a problem, I have encountered a problem in trying to paste .GIF images into a form. This worked perfectly on 98 and XP but in Vista I get the Windows message 'CDR Converter has stopped working' followed by the Paradox message 'disk error while trying to read file'.

I have tested this by trying .GIF and .JPG files and trying using different files and from different locations - all return the same error so it doesn't seem to be an actual disk error.

Posted 12 years ago

Comment 12 of 24
Just as a followup to my previous post, I have found a way to get around the graphic file import problem, if anyone else has been having the same trouble .....instead of using 'Paste From' to read the file directly, I have loaded into my graphics program, copied it to the clipboard and then pasted from there and this works ok.
Posted 12 years ago

Comment 13 of 24
Good work-around.
Posted 12 years ago

Comment 14 of 24

i have Paradox 9, with lots of coding and forms, so, understandbly, i do not want to follow the bandwagon to ACCESS. It works flaowlessly with XP.

Enter Vista, and of course when i install it, it installs great.

But when i try to open it, it give me the message of death about .net or BDE, or something like that. unfortunately, i have Word 2007 as my other business tool, so, some of my machines are Vista with Word 2007, and the others are XP with PAradox 9.

Very inefficient. So, i need help to show me how to get Paradox 9 to work on Vista. i am not familiar with the bowls of Vista, so, please give me a step by step instruction.

Thanks in advance.

Posted 12 years ago

Comment 15 of 24
When I first installed Paradox under Vista, it wouldn't load, giving me the message that  PDOXUSRS.NET could not be found. I noticed  that this was in root directory of the drive in which I had my original installation, on an XP machine, but hadn't appeared in the root directory of the new Vista machine after installation - so I just copied it across the network to the new machine and it worked fine. Don't know if this was a good thing to do or not, but that was two weeks ago and I haven't had any problems so far.
Posted 12 years ago

Comment 16 of 24


Thanks a million, will give it a try, and report back in 2 weeks (i am away from my home at this moment). I really appreciate your help.

Posted 12 years ago

Comment 17 of 24

You asked and you shall receive. Please refer to the following KB Post...

Posted 12 years ago

Comment 18 of 24

Installed Pdox 7/32 on VHP yesterday.. Ran into errors, and just blanket changed permissions on directories to get running.. Today installing Ultimate32 and will try domain connection and idapi.. hopin it works.. works on every OS to date :)


Posted 12 years ago

Comment 19 of 24

Refer to the section titled "Defeat Vista's Application Virtualization" in the Paradox 9 on Vista article. That should help.

Posted 12 years ago

Comment 20 of 24

I don't see anything in the WordPerfect Office X4 information on the Corel website saying that it doesn't run on Vista. They had something for X3 saying it wouldn't run on Vista. Can anyone confirm that the X4 version of Paradox works on Vista?

Posted 12 years ago

Comment 21 of 24

The short answer is yes with some minor problems. The X4 version of Paradox you are talking about is the Paradox 11 version with the service pack applied. That means 100% of the information in the Can I Install Paradox 10/11 on Vista article applies.

Posted 12 years ago

Comment 22 of 24

FWIW, I successfuly installed Pardox 7 on Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit last week.  Had to overcome the .net issue, but did not have to change permissions as I did with Vista.  I also did not have to use Win7's compatibility mode to either install or run.

Skip ahead a week, now I am going to attempt the same on a Win 7 Professional 64 bit.  Any advice is welcome, I will try to post back how it goes.

Posted 9 years ago

Comment 23 of 24

I have Paradox running on Vista, but have corruption issues with it. The service packs mentioned are no longer available. Not only did Corel not say that the program would not run on Vista, it was actively promoted for the OS. Highly unfortunate.

Posted 8 years ago

Latest Comment
Comment 24 of 24

I have Paradox 9, with heaps of coding and structures, in this way, understandbly, I would prefer not to follow the temporary fad to ACCESS. It works flaowlessly with XP.

Enter Vista, and obviously when I introduce it, it introduces extraordinary.

Be that as it may, when I attempt to open it, it give me the message of death about .net or BDE, or something to that effect. lamentably, I have Word 2007 as my different business instrument, along these lines, a portion of my machines are Vista with Word 2007, and the others are XP with PAradox 9.

Exceptionally wasteful. Along these lines, I need assistance to tell me the best way to get Paradox 9 to take a shot at Vista. I am inexperienced with the dishes of Vista, in this way, kindly give me a bit by bit guidance.

Much obliged ahead of time. 

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Posted 106 days ago
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