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  From the August 2015 Issue of Prestwood eMag
C# WebForms Coding Tasks:
Get all components in an ASPX page recursively
Posted 12 years ago on 3/8/2008 and updated 2/24/2009
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Retrieves an array of all the components of any given type within a starter control (such as a page, table, panel, etc.)  This routine is recursive and will keep iterating down until all the embedded components are found.

This C# code can be invoked to produce an array as  follows:

CheckBox[] myCheckboxes = GetAllCheckboxes(Table1); 
Syntax Example:
public CheckBox[] GetAllCheckboxes(Control myControl)
  ArrayList myCheckboxes = new ArrayList();
  foreach (Control thisControl in myControl.Controls)
    if (thisControl is CheckBox)
    if (thisControl.HasControls())
  CheckBox[] result = (CheckBox[])myCheckboxes.ToArray(typeof(CheckBox));
  return result;


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Thank you for posting this. Just what I needed.

Posted 12 years ago

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Gracias. Muy buen aporte. Saludos desde Salta Capital - Argentina

Salta Capital
Posted 6 years ago

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This is my first time visit here. I read your post and found it quite interesting and Likewise fantastic blog here among many of the costly info you acquire.  :)

Posted 22 months ago
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