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  From the May 2008 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Delphi for PHP 2.0 ships
Posted 13 years ago on 4/15/2008
Summary: After selling tens of thousands of units of the initial version of Delphi for PHP, first released in February of 2007, in early March, CodeGear announced the availability of version 2.0.


Delphi for PHPPHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) of course, is one of the most prevalent languages used in creating dynamic web content these days. Although I'm not (yet) a PHP developer, myself, I've been very impressed by PHP-driven web applications, particularly some of the nicer message boards.

What I am, however, is a rabid fan of Delphi's fabulous IDE, which, of course, is one of the things that Delphi for PHP brings to the party.

The other major attractions of Delphi for PHP are a rich visual component library (enhanced VCL in v2), and, in version 2.0, database support is extended to Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Informix and Sybase.

Productivity and performance enhancements include new error insight, source code formatting, expanded code insights, and code folding.

According to CodeGear, Delphi for PHP allows developers to work much like Microsoft .NET platform developers; in a highly productive environment, and with a rich language and libraries.

While .NET is rather firmly established in the Windows-hosted Web 2.0 world, the same cannot be said for .NET on non-Windows platforms, like Linux. There, PHP is already well established, making it an interesting alternative.

Through June, 2008, Delphi for PHP v2.0 is specially priced at $249. Thereafter it goes to $299. Upgrades from v1 are $179.


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The PHP IDE I have been using a lot lately and really like is PHP Designer 2008 (http://www.mpsoftware.dk/phpdesigner.php). Though I am a fan of free software and open source projects (I also tried the free PHPEclipse http://www.phpeclipse.de/tiki-view_articles.php as I enjoy using Eclipse for Java programming), I actually purchased this one, for about $50 or so.

The only problem I see with PHP for Delphi is the price.  For a bit more money, one could buy Zend Studio made by the folks who support PHP and is considered the flagship PHP IDE.  Delphi for PHP's screenshots look nice, if I get some time I may just have to download a trial.

Posted 13 years ago
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News Contributed By Wes Peterson:

Wes Peterson is a Senior Programmer Analyst with Prestwood IT Solutions where he develops custom Windows software and custom websites using .Net and Delphi. When Wes is not coding for clients, he participates in this online community. Prior to his 10-year love-affair with Delphi, he worked with several other tools and databases. Currently he specializes in VS.Net using C# and VB.Net. To Wes, the .NET revolution is as exciting as the birth of Delphi.

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