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  From the February 2016 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Paradox Installation, Setup, & BDE:
Borland Database Engine (BDE) Downloads
Posted 11 years ago on 5/13/2008 and updated 6/2/2011
Paradox Link:
 A recommended resource link from our Paradox Resources Links Page


Resource Link:

The http://info.borland.com/devsupport/bde/ no longer exists. Use the above link instead.

Borland's BDE download page. Another good resource is Borland's BDE Utilities and Updates page.


More Info

Download:  Borland TUtility wrapped up in a Prestwood Installation
Download:  Download Paradox 9 Runtime for PS Clients

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Hi All

The Link http://info.borland.com/devsupport/bde/





Posted 8 years ago

Comment 2 of 4

Thanks Graham. I'm glad I archived the BDE and posted it!!! Just doing my part.

Posted 8 years ago

Comment 3 of 4

i cant purchase paradox dev full set up for my lessons because  there is no credit card in Ghana(Africa) but i like the environment of the dbase system. somebody shd copy some and send to me by post please...by

Deffor Fabian, Pearl

Ghana Publishing Corp.

Box 124

Accra Central.


Deffor Fabian
Posted 7 years ago

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Comment 4 of 4

I did post this link somewhere on this site years ago, but I cannot find it anywhere.

Anyway, when Windows Vista was introduced I created a new customizable installer for the BDE which includes the 2/4GB diskspace patch as well as providing manifest files etc to allow installation/use of the BDE from a limited account. Settings changes are once again correctly forced to the cfg file (and not the registry which would require permissions) and by default the BDE is installed to the \BDE32 folder and the default netdir one directory deeper.

All up this means that UAC was (and still is) now a non issue for the BDE.

Two versions are supplied - with Sql Links and without. Be sure to read the readme file to see how you can set your defaults in the ini file.

Link: http://www.all2ezy.com/pages/developer_downloads.php

Tested on Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 but not yet Windows 10 - used by many members of the Paradox Community group.

Some Hints:

Hint #1: Never assume you are the only BDE application installed on any given machine.

Hint #2: Never read/write the BDE settings directly from/to the registry. This is bad programming all round. Use the BDE API documented in about 1993 (there are most likely OPAL equivalent functions in many cases). You user will thank you for not screwing up other software that uses the BDE.

Posted 54 months ago
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