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  From the June 2008 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Paradox Tool Basics:
WPO X4 Ships! Paradox Still Does Not Support Vista!
Posted 12 years ago on 5/15/2008 and updated 5/1/2009

According to current information on the official Corel X4 home page, WPO X4 ships with Paradox 11 SP2 and still does not support Vista. Yet.


Paradox 11 with service pack 2 applied is the latest version. In other words, if you apply Paradox SP2 to Paradox 11 which is version, it upgrades it to which is the EXACT same version that ships with WPO X2, WPO X3, and now WPO X4.

There are several problems running Paradox on Vista but all of which can be overcome. The most serioius is with Paradox 10 and above and occurs upon exit but there are work-arounds for that too. However, we currently recommend staying with Paradox 9 which runs pretty well under Vista.

!!! January 2009 Update !!!
Corel has released a patch for X4 owners specific to Vista issues. Refer to the followoing message board thread for more information:

Paradox 11 with SP2 is still a viable and powerfull desktop database. (Paradox 12, 13, and 14 do not exist. Corel is shipping Paradox 11 SP2 with WPO X2 and above). However, it is a dead-end product until Corel releases a service pack that addresses the Vista issues with the latest version of Paradox. If they do, I plan to update Workbench for Paradox with features and to work with the latest versions of Paradox and write another book on using Paradox X (versions 10 and 11+). This currently vapor-book will be a follow up to my Paradox 9 Power Programming book but will be data-centric (instead of ObjectPAL-centric). The intended user will someone who wants to work with a desktop database to work with their data beyond a spreadsheet but don't want to develop a true database application.

The bottom line is Paradox is a Win32 application and most commercial Windows applicatons still use the Win32 API. Thre is no reason why Paradox shouldn't run well on Vista. Here's a good discussion thread  going on right now in our message boards as this subject relates to the future of Delphi for Win32:

CodeGear has a new home! - /ASPSuite/eBoard/Thread.asp?MBID=12733

Pay particular attention to the discussion of the future of the Win32 API. That's the biggest influence on the future of Paradox (a great desktop database).

If you wish to take a look for yourself, here's the page:


More Info

KB Post:  Can I install Paradox 10 or 11+ on Windows 7? Vista?
News:  Corel Ships Paradox with WordPerfect Office X3 Pro!
KB Post:  How to run Paradox for DOS on Vista
KB Post:  Install Paradox 9 on Windows 7, or even Vista!


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It's over six months since it was revealed that Corel still did not support Paradox under Vista in WPX4...have they fixed this yet? I'm particularly concerned about the BDE initialization problem and the 'Paradox has stopped' error on exiting. It seems to me that Corel shouldn't be selling the product as a Vista compatible package with these kinds of errors but I can't find any reviews of X4 that indicate that the problem has been fixed (the reviews only seem concerned with WP itself) and I don't want to pay for an upgraded version if the problem is still there. Any new info out on this?

Posted 12 years ago

Comment 2 of 4

No new info. I agree that they should fix this especially if they want to make good software and be known as a quality software company. I'm hopeful they will find the money to fix these errors. Until they find the money, it's just not going to happen. Paradox 9 works fine on Vista though so you might want to revert to that version. In my opinion, Paradox is the best desktop database available. It's only real competitor is Microsoft Access and even though Microsoft has continued development of Access and it does have some neat features, it's still not as easy to use as Paradox.

Posted 12 years ago

Comment 3 of 4

> It's over six months since it was revealed that Corel still did not support Paradox under Vista in WPX4...have they fixed this yet?

to be honest, it's doubtful that Corel will ever touch Paradox again.. all the people that were associated with it have been gone since 2002..

Posted 12 years ago

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Comment 4 of 4

Although I still like Paradox, I guess I should add that if you want to explore switching to MS Access, check out my ObjectPAL and Access VBA Cross Reference Guide.

Posted 12 years ago
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