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  From the March 2016 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Linux Operating Systems:
Distribution: Fedora
Posted 12 years ago on 5/17/2008 and updated 9/15/2010
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Fedora is a Linux-based operating system that showcases the latest in free and open source software. Fedora is always free for anyone to use, modify, and distribute. It is built by people across the globe who work together as a community: the Fedora Project. The Fedora Project is open and anyone is welcome to join.

The Fedora Project is out front for you, leading the advancement of free, open software and content.


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I used to use Fedora.  Now, on those occasions when I run Linux, I prefer Ubuntu.

Check out Wubi, which is a Ubuntu installer/uninstaller under Windows.

Since I started looking into VMWare, I have also been running Ubuntu in a virtual machine so I can have Windows and Linux on one machine simultaneously.

Posted 10 years ago

Comment 2 of 3

I am going to update this to say I don't use Wubi anymore.  I run VMware player under various versions of Windows.  I will run Ubuntu under VMWare.  The player is free with registration and you can download different versions and distributions of Linux from vmplanet.net.

For me this is the most pain free way to run Linux when I want to.  My 4 Gig home machine still has a gig of memory left while running Windows 7 as the host OS and Ubuntu 10.4 as the guest OS.

At work, it was kind of cool to simulate a primary and backup database.  It was PostgreSQL but just as easily could of been mySQL.  I needed to simulate one going down, then the other, with application level replication.

Posted 10 years ago

Comment 3 of 3

Fedora/Ubuntu/Debian/etc are pretty good for Windoze desktop replacement.  And each has several flavors of GUI for you to choose from to get one that is comfortable - usually a theme on top of Gnome.

For servers I recommend CentOS v6.x (even though v7.0 has been released).  The term "stable" is the operative, objective goal for servers.  CentOS 6.x will be supported through November 2020.

CentOS Website

CentOS v6.5 Release Notes


From the CentOS website --- In general every release receives bugfixes, feature enhancements and new hardware support until 4 years after general availability. And security fixes until 7 years after general availability (beginning with CentOS-5, this period has been extended from 4 to approx. 7 and from 7 to 10 years {assuming the upstream sources remain available for ten years}). 

Posted 6 years ago
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