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ODBC - Intersolv v3.11 driver with Pdx9 installation disk
Posted 7 years ago on 7/30/2013
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Currently using Pdx on laptop with Win7 64 bit, no problems with essentially interactive use for year past. 

Now have need for access to Pdx tables by ODBC. Have installed drivers supplied on the Pdx 9 install disk but the drivers do not show up on the Drivers tab of the ODBC Administrator window.

In past, have successfully installed drivers ex Pdx 9 cd with same Pdx 11 set up on machines running Win XP. Except this time used a backup cd copy of the original installation disk. Made 2 attempts, first prompted for licence code, entered and it ran. The driver files have copied to the default location as prompted by the setup procedure. Also accepted default installation path for Pdx 11.



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Check your registry for the ODBCINST.INI and see if the INTERSOLV Driver has a key under it.

John McKeon
Posted 7 years ago

Comment 2 of 2

The quest of original post was overtaken by other matters. The recent post has sparked some research which indicates the issue arises from running 32 bit software in a 64 bit OS environment (Win7 Professional in my case).

The 64 bit OS has separate folders to handle various functions specifically for 32 vs 64 bit applications, \System\ and \SysWOW64\ respectively. Visit both folders and run Odbcad32.exe which opens the ODBC Data Sources as if selected from Control Panel and compare the contents of the Drivers tab. The 32 bit drivers are located in SysWOW64\. Evidently the Control Panel runs the 64 bit version in System32\, despite the label "ODBC Data Sources (32 bit)". All rather counterintuitive. Also checked Registry to find relevant keys at HKLM_Software_Wow6432Node.

My solution is to create shortcut to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Odbcad32.exe on my Desktop. This then displays the ODBC Data Sources window for the 32 bit drivers. On my installation the Drivers tab lists 25+, including Intersolv Paradox.

Conclusion - you are NOT the problem, nor is your installation. No, Microsoft gave us a command which points to the wrong folder, presumably confused by that counter intuitive folder naming.


Since posting I have checked a Win8.1 installation. Access to ODBC drivers is from Control Panel/Administrative Tools which displayed 2 alternatives:

ODBC Data Sources (32 bit)

ODBC Data Sources (64 bit).

Posted 26 months ago
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