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Access & VBA:
How I Make a Multiple Page PDF File Scroll to a Specific Page in a Browser
Posted 15 months ago on 4/20/2019
Take Away:

This article discusses a programming technique I used in a Microsoft Access database application to display a multiple page PDF document and make it position itself at a specific page.


I have been finishing a Microsoft Access database software application for a longtime customer. One of the things it does is retrieve and display a previously created multiple page PDF document of his certificates or “certs” (he performs a calibration service for industrial businesses). When the PDF document is displayed, it must scroll to a specific page or “cert”.

The MS Access code is relatively simple, but like anything else, you need to know how to orchestrate it so it works:

strPath1 = """C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera\launcher.exe"""

strPathPDF = Combo42.Column(2)

strPathPDFPageNo = Combo42.Column(3)

strPath2 = strPathPDF & "#page=" & strPathPDFPageNo & ""

shell strPath1 & " " & strPath2, vbNormalFocus

The first line in the programming assigns the file path location of the browser or PDF viewer you are going to assign to a MS Access string variable called strPath1. This code would not work with just any PDF viewer. I could only get it to work with Internet Explorer or the Opera browser (I am using Opera as you can see from the file path in the first line of code). I could not get it to work right with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. I also have Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on my computer and even that would not work correctly. All it did was open Adobe and display a list of PDFs to be displayed.

The second line of code assigns the file path of the PDF document to be retrieved into a string variable called strPathPDF from a column in a combo box control on the input screen. The third line of code assigns the page number associated with the PDF document into a string variable called strPathPDFPageNo from another column of the same combo box selection. The fourth line of code will concatenate strPathPDF with the literal string, “#page=” and then concatenate that with strPathPDFPageNo followed by a couple of double quotes on the end of the new string expression.

The fifth and final line of code uses the shell command, which loads the concatenated string argument, strPath1 & " " & strPath2 and then a comma separating it from the vbNormalFocus specifier. This will display the specified PDF document positioned on the specified page number.                          

This code can be very useful for any type of business or organization that needs to quickly view a multiple page PDF document without having to waste time with scrolling to a specific page within it. It is yet another way to streamline a task and economize time, which is what all software design customers expect.


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