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What to do when your Computer Monitor is Totally Black
Posted 6 months ago on 6/15/2019
Take Away:

This article discusses a technique I use to quickly remedy dark computer monitor problems in many cases.


One of the most unnerving things that can happen with a PC is when the display on the monitor goes completely dark. No post screen. No Windows introductory logo, nada. It sort of feels like the ground came out from underneath you, doesn’t it? While there can be a number of causes for this mishap, I have found that one of the most common reasons has to do with the memory modules. They are typically defective or not seated correctly in the computer.

I was recently at my mother’s house for dinner with the family and this problem occurred with her computer. It’s a newer computer and she never even uses it, which made the problem even more mysterious. After I started the machine, it displayed the Windows logo while installing Windows software updates to the operating system. After this concluded, everything came up fine. I left the room for a few minutes and then came back and was surprised to see a monitor screen that was totally scrambled – just like a TV with static interference. I then manually powered it down and made repeated attempts to start it again, only to be confronted with dark screens.

After the failed boot attempts, I removed the side panel from the PC and checked all the connections to the mother board to make sure they were secure. No problem there. Next, I removed the CMOS battery and both of the memory modules from the desktop PC. I did this from experience thinking there was dust or debris or that they were not seated correctly. I then reinserted the battery and one of the memory modules and restarted the PC. This time the computer started up fine, excluding a Windows message noting that there had been a previous problem with starting the system due to the manual shutdowns from before. I restarted the system after inserting the second memory module to make sure it wasn’t defective and the PC started up fine once again.

I solved this problem by relying on my instincts and experience. I am not saying this is the best way to solve the problem. It just made the most sense to me. There are always a variety of ways to solve computer repair and fix my computer problems.


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