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IM-Magic Partition Resizer (Free Version) Easily Changes the Size of Your Disk Partition
Posted 12 months ago on 9/5/2019
Take Away:

IM-Magic Partition Resizer (Free Version) is a software utility that is very easy to install. It uses a visual interface that allows you to easily resize a hard disk partition to your liking.


On a recent computer repair engagement on the other side of town, I imaged a disk that was running out of room and then restored it to a new, larger hard disk. I could have set the unallocated space on the new disk to a separate drive letter and the customer would have been able to utilize the added space that way without problem. However, he was insistent that I add the unallocated space to the C drive that was restored from the image I made.

Usually, you would try to do this through Windows control panel’s Administrative Tools using the Disk Management module. But that tends to be very limited for resizing partitions. So I had to look online for utility software that would enable me to do what the customer asked. I found several that looked good, but decided on IM-Magic Partition Resizer (Free Version), because it looked so easy to use. And indeed it was.

To resize a disk partition, just select the graphically listed disk with the mouse and then right click to bring up a pop up menu of disk operations that are available. Next, just click “Resize/Move Partition”. A small circle will appear at the right end of the selected disk partition. Just click on it with your mouse and drag to expand or reduce space as you deem necessary. Then you need to save your change and restart your PC. As the computer reboots, it will perform the operation at the post screen before re-entering Windows. And that is it!

IM-Magic Partition Resizer (Free Version) is very easy to install and use. No surprises, no headaches, no freezing. Just sizing your disk partition the way you like and then you are ready to go. No doubt, one of the best applications out there for doing this chore.


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Posted 63 days ago
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