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January Edition
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eMag Jan 2009 Issue - Design Edition


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Prestwood eMag
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  January 2009 - Design Edition Year 11 Issue 1  
I.T. Discussion Community!
From The Editor
Mike Prestwood

Happy New Year!
From all of us at Prestwood Software, we wish you a prosperous and fulfilling 2009.

pda.Prestwood.com - Learn on the go!
The Prestwood mobile website: In this first edition of 2009 we are featuring our small-screen version of the Prestwood Programmer Community (PPC). Our small screen has been around for a while but we've recently added several small screen features including a handy random tidbit feature that allows you to study on the go. Grab your phone, iPhone, Blackberry, PocketPC, or Palm and browse to pda.prestwood.com whenever you are on the road and want to get five minutes of studying in.

--Mike Prestwood

Happy New Year

Expert guidance from working professionals!
Mike Prestwood
PrestwoodBoards topic:
Small Screen Version: pda.prestwood.com
by Mike Prestwood

Go to pda.prestwood.com for the small screen version of PPC with small screen features such as a random tidbit browser for studying on the go! All pages are specially designed to look as good as possible on your tiny-screen phone, iPhone, Blackberry, PocketPC, or Palm. To get started, browse to pda.prestwood.com with your PDA-ish device.

kb PDA articlekb PDA article

PrestwoodBoards topic (classic post):
New Random Page Feature!
by Mike Prestwood

From any group, you can display a random tidbit, article, cross reference example, or message board thread. This is a fun and convenient way to browse content quickly to find interesting gems. To use this new feature, visit your favorite group and click on one of the random links in the left column menu.

News and Announcments topic (classic post):
New Year, New Projects
by Mike Prestwood

With the new year, you have new software development projects and we would like to discuss your needs with you. Call Mike Prestwood at 1-916-726-5675 x205 to discuss changing and new needs this year.

PrestwoodBoards topic (classic post):
Cross Reference Encyclopedia Updated!

kb Cross Ref articleToday we deployed version 1.1a of our Cross Reference Encyclopedia with updated content and features. Version 1.1a features a new cross reference guide table of contents on the left menu so you can more easily browse a two language cross reference guide online. In addition, new content was posted for most of the languages and we've finally gotten started on our Delphi Prism content.

PrestwoodBoards topic (classic post):
New 'New Posts' Page

We updated our New Posts page for all posts and for each group. From the pull-down menu, select Programmer Community | New @ PPC or the What's New option available within each group. The new New Posts page now mixes all types of posts together so you can easily see what's the newest message board post, KB article, comment, blog entry, etc.

  • New @ PPC (also available from the pull down menu, Programmer Community | New @ PPC)

Lighter Side topic:
Scrambled Text
by Mike Prestwood
Apparently if the first and last letters are correct, the rest don't matter.

 Design Group Top 
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Beginners Corner topic (classic post):
Using FTP
by Mike Prestwood
How to use FTP to upload your web site pages.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) topic (classic post):
CSS-P: Demystifying HTML Element Positioning Contexts
by Evan Egalite
The purpose of this article is to show how to use Cascading Style Sheets to control the layout of nested HTML elements on a page, and to demystify the confusing absolute and relative element positioning scheme used by the browser.

 Monthly Design Lesson
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Topic:
Code Snippet of the Month
The following code snippet allows you to import a cascading style sheet (CSS) into another CSS file. The main benefit is this allows you to organize your styles and to create common CSS files.

@import url('http://www.prestwoodboards.com/style_core.css');

Artistic (design, layout, etc.) Topic:
Download of the Month: DHTML Menu Builder
Add [d_rop]-down menus to your website.

DHTML Menu Builder is the tool of choice for building Javascript menus for our Prestwood family of websites.

Complete dhtml menus can be built, in a matter of minutes, without writing a single line of code.
No special plugins and no programming or HTML knowledge required, with just DHTML Menu Builder you'll be able to create great looking and functional dhtml menus for all your web sites.

Artistic (design, layout, etc.) Topic:
Question: Any suggestions on buidling a DHTML/Javascript menu for my web site?


Don't reinvent the wheel. Use one of the many menu builders on the market. 

I use a product called DHTML Menu Builder. He's worked out all the problems and it really didn't seem worth my time since someone else had already worked out all the issues between different browsers and browsers on different OSes. His menus still aren't perfect, but boy, they sure are close.

The software is located at http://software.xfx.net/

HTML Language Reference Topic:
Tip of the Month

Although Internet Explorer supports putting an "A" link tag around a table "TD" cell, do not do it because other browsers such as FireFox and Safari don't support a link around a cell.

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