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February Edition
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eMag Sep 2009 Issue - Coder Edition


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  September 2009 - Coder Edition (2982 of 4,774 subscribers receive this group's content.) Year 11 Issue 9  
I.T. Discussion Community!

Expert guidance from working professionals!
Wes Peterson
General Coding Concepts topic:
Is Native Code Irrelevant?
by Wes Peterson

With Microsoft heavily evangelizing .NET, and Sun continuing to improve Java, many a developer and customer are torn between targeting native machine code or a just-in-time compiler.

Here we take a quick look at that particular state of the union...

Windows Users topic (classic post):
Speed Up Your Windows Computer for FREE
by Mike Prestwood

If your computer was fast but is now slow, you can use techniques such as adware removers, defrag, and others to bring your PC back to life! You can also add hardware to speed up your computer (RAM, SATA HD, better video card, etc.).

psSendMail DLL topic:
v1.1 Documentation
by Wes Peterson
v1.1 of psSendMail will soon be replaced by v2.

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Borland Database Engine topic (classic post):
How to check what BDE version is installed.
by Mike Prestwood

Q. I've updated my BDE from version 5.01 to version but the About BDE Administrator dialog still shows version 5.01?

A. Your update may have taken. Updates typically just replace the DLLs the BDE uses so you may have the latest installed.

Version Information
To see what version of the BDE engine you "actually" have installed, you need to look at the Version Information from within the BDE Administrator. Select Object | Version Information... to see the DLL version numbers

Object Orientation (OO) topic (classic post):
An Introduction to Object Orientation
by Mike Prestwood
Overview and introduction to object orientation. When you analyze, design, and code in an OO way, you "think" about objects and their interaction. This type of thinking is more like real life where you naturally think about how "this object" relates to "that object". Classes represent the "design" of an existing object. The values or properties of an existing object is it's current state. When designing classes, OO supports many features like inheritance (like real-life where you inherit your parents characteristics), encapsulation (hiding data), and polymorphism (the ability of one thing to act like another or in different ways).

 Monthly Coder Lesson
General Coding Concepts Topic:
Definition of the Month: Computer Language Operator
A language symbol used for assignment, comparison, computational, or as a logical.

A language symbol used for assignment, comparison, computational, or as a logical.

General Info, Installation, etc. Topic:
Documented Error of the Month: ISelectionContainer already exists error

Microsoft Visual Studio The service Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop.ISelectionContainer already exists in the service container. Parameter name: serviceType


Install the Visual Studio.Net 2008 SP1 (currently in bata) and this problem should go away.

Here's a link:



General .Net Concepts Topic:
Resource Link of the Month: PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008

According to Microsoft, "PowerCommands is a set of useful extensions for the Visual Studio 2008 adding additional functionality to various areas of the IDE. The source code is included and requires the VS SDK for VS 2008 to allow modification of functionality or as a reference to create additional custom PowerCommand extensions. "

If you've previously worked with Delphi and GExperts, you know how helpful some extensions to your IDE can be.

This free download, from Microsoft, adds some really useful functionality to the VS2008 IDE.  Check it out.

General Info, Installation, etc. Topic:
Question: What are the benefits of managed code over native code?


In general terms, managed .Net code is a little more portable (will run on any platform with the correct CLR installed) and is easier to write. However, managed code may run slower and require more system resources.

General Coding Concepts Topic:
Tip of the Month

When comparing floating point numbers, make sure you round to an acceptable level of rounding for the type of application you are using.

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