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eMag Jun 2010 Issue - Coder Edition


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  June 2010 - Coder Edition (2982 of 4,782 subscribers receive this group's content.) Year 12 Issue 6  
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American I.T. workforce topic:
Sharpening your skills - A short story
by Ramesh R
Here is a short story about a woodcutter and his job. From this job, we have lot of learnings that implies to our career and sharpening our skills. Such examples in life are very important for shaping our career. Enjoy the short story.

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Object Orientation (OO) topic (classic post):
by Mike Prestwood

Aggregations indicate a whole-part relationship, and are known as "has-a" or "is part of" relationships. An Aggregation relationship is indicated by a line with a hollow diamond.

Object Orientation (OO) topic (classic post):
Static Class / Static Member
by Mike Prestwood

A static member is a member you can have access to without instantiating the class into an object. For example, you can read and write static properties and call static methods without ever creating the class. Static members are also called class members (class methods, class properties, etc.) since they belong to the class and not to a specific object. A static class is a class that contains only static members. In the UML, these classes are described as utility classes.

 Monthly Coder Lesson
General .Net Concepts Topic:
Code Snippet of the Month

This code snippet will send a very quick email. Note that this code will not work as-is. You need to have valid email accounts and a valid email server to send a real email.

You need to add: using System.Net.Mail;

MailMessage myMessage = new MailMessage(

"fromaddress@somewhere.com", "toaddress@somewhere.com",
"Subject", "Message Body.");
SmtpClient mySMTPClient = new SmtpClient("mailserver.somewhere.com"); 

General Coding Concepts Topic:
Definition of the Month: Inline Routines

Instead of calling a routine, you move the code from the routine itself and expand it in place of the call. In addition to manual inlining, some languages support automatic inlining where the compiler or some other pre-compiler decides when to inline a code routine. Also, some languages allow for developer defined inlining where the developer can suggest and/or force the inlining of a code routine. Inlining can optimize your code for speed by saving a call and return, and parameter management.

General Info, Installation, etc. Topic:
Download of the Month: Download VS.Net 2008 90-Day Trial

Download the free Visual Studio.Net 2008 90-day trial edition.

Try Visual Studio.Net 2008
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 provides an industry-leading developer experience for Windows Vista, the 2007 Microsoft Office system, and the Web. In addition, it continues in the Microsoft tradition of development language innovation. To enable evaluation of Visual Studio 2008, this page provides links to trial editions of Visual Studio 2008.

General .Net Concepts Topic:
Resource Link of the Month: Sacramento Visual Studio.Net Usergroup

Sacramento Visual Studio Users Group

Sacramento Visual Studio.Net Usergroup

The Sacramento Visual Studio Users group is no charge resource for Visual Studio developers in the greater Sacramento area.

http://www.sacvsug.org/ No longer active. Go to SacNetUG.org instead.

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