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February Edition
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eMag Nov 2010 Issue - Paradox Edition


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  November 2010 - Paradox Edition (1682 of 4,775 subscribers receive this group's content.) Year 12 Issue 11  
I.T. Discussion Community!

Expert guidance from working professionals!
Lighter Side topic:
Scrambled Text
by Mike Prestwood
Apparently if the first and last letters are correct, the rest don't matter.

 Paradox Group Top 
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OPAL: Win32 Calls topic (classic post):
Using the Win32 API and TAPI to Dial the Phone
by Mike Prestwood
TAPI ObjectPAL example.

Paradox for Linux topic (classic post):
Chapter 28: Using Forms and Queries in Paradox for Linux
by Mike Prestwood

Chapter 28 by Mike Prestwood from the book WordPerfect Office 2000 for Linux: The Official Guide. First published June 2000 by Osborne-McGraw/Hill. ISBN 0-07-212238-2.

 Monthly Paradox Lesson
OPAL: Wicked Coding Tasks Topic:
Code Snippet of the Month

In Paradox, use an sqlQuery block to call store procedures. The following code uses an sqlQuery block to call an Oracle stored procedure. Use the syntax of whatever SQL server you're going against. With Oracle, if I remember correctly, you use an "execProc" or "exec" command.

sqlQuery =
;execute proc here

if not dbSQL.executeSQL(sqlQuery, tcAnswer) then
Interactive Paradox: Using Data Topic:
Definition of the Month: Project Alias
A project alias, like public aliases, point to a folder. Project aliases are stored in the PDOXWORK.CFG file, which is loaded whenever you change working directories.
Paradox & ObjectPAL Topic:
Download of the Month: Paradox 9 Help & PDF Files

Paradox 9 ships with several very valuable help files. For convenience, you can also download them here.

Paradox & ObjectPAL Topic:
Resource Link of the Month: Diamond Software Group

Maintained by Steven Green. This link takes you directly to his used Paradox titles where you can buy older versions of Paradox.

Paradox Tables Topic:
FAQ of the Month: Paradox 10 table structure?
Question: I was just reviewing the Paradox Table Specs in your Paradox developer reference area. I found specs through Paradox 7 only, and I'm really interested in Paradox 10. Is it available?


No. Actually Paradox 7 "table structure" is the latest very flexible table structure. The only table structures are 1...3.x, 4.x, 5, and 7. No such thing as a Paradox 9 or 10 or 13 table structure.

Interactive Paradox: Using Data Topic:
Tip of the Month
Put your tables in a directory different from the one that contains the forms, reports, and libraries. Use an alias to refer to the tables. This makes your application instantly a network-compatible application by making the tables relocatable. When you install the application onsite, you simply have to ask where to put the data and where to put the application. The application can be local or on the network. Place the data files where they need to be, and change the alias path. If you eventually want to move your data onto a SQL server, then you will have less code to rewrite.

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