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eMag Feb 2014 Issue - VB Classic Edition


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  February 2014 - VB Classic Edition Year 16 Issue 2  
I.T. Discussion Community!
From The Editor
Mike Prestwood

New eMag, New Format
Okay, it's been about 5 months since we sent out our monthly eMag. We are proud of the tweaks we've made and are excited to start producing it again each month. Each month look forward to coupons and articles written by working professionals.

Year In Review
2013 was an exciting year of change for Prestwood IT. Although I am and will always be a programmer, we've continued expanding our tech and website divisions. In addition to programming and website development, we also managed to implement best of breed tech managed care. This last year we even opened a help desk staffed by our techs.

New Silver Plan -- More Info
Who's managing your server? Ask us about our server(s)-only Silver Plan which includes UNLIMITED remote support. Ask for a free quote.

Free Essential Plan: Basic monitoring + remote control -- More Info  
For those not ready for full managed care can opt for a pay-as-you-go computer support.

Best of Citrus Heights
We just found out we also won Best of 2013!!! More on that next month.

Expert guidance from working professionals!
Gerald Renton
Website Design topic:
Contact Forms and Privacy
by Gerald Renton

Creating a Contact Form necessitates the use of a Privacy Policy (normally linked to in the footer).

The State of California requires any commercial website or online service collecting information about consumers residing in California to post a privacy policy on the website used to collect information. 

Make sure that your estimate includes time for creating a privacy policy as part of the task.

Tech Services Info topic:
HD Data Recovery, Send Away
by Mike Prestwood

DriveSavers Partner. After our recovery attempts, offer to send to DriveSavers or equivalent. Price ranges from $500 to $1,500.

IT Water-Cooler for Power-Users topic:
Now It's Easy To Get End-User Problem Reports
by Wes Peterson

In the past it's been a pain to get end-users to give developers an accurate and complete list of the steps they took to get to a problem - especially if screen-shots are desirable.

Now Microsoft has provided a tool that makes the entire process ridiculously easy.

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By Reference or Value
For parameters, you can optionally specify ByVal or ByRef. ByRef is the default if you don't specify.

Function SomeRoutine(ByRef pPerson, ByVal pName, Age)

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