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eMag Jun 2015 Issue - Design Edition


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Prestwood eMag
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  June 2015 - Design Edition Year 17 Issue 6  
I.T. Discussion Community!

Expert guidance from working professionals!
Help Wanted! topic:
Contribute To The Prestwood Community
by Mike Prestwood
We are always looking for talented developers to participate in our message boards, post articles, etc.

Lighter Side topic:
Scrambled Text
by Mike Prestwood
Apparently if the first and last letters are correct, the rest don't matter.

 Design Group Top 
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Website Scripting topic (classic post):
Connection Strings, Web.Config, and the Development Environment
by Bryan Valencia

There is a way to configure your ASP.NET website with one configuration for your internal development environment and another for your online website - and still be able to publish your site without hand editing the web.config.

 Monthly Design Lesson
Server Farm: RS Topic:
FAQ of the Month: RS Server Password Standard
Question: What is the password standard for the RS pop3 accounts?

Answer: The password standard on our RS servers changed in 2007 to 6 characters with at least 1 number.
Logos Topic:
Tip of the Month

Each logo you create should have at most one symbol. You can mess with the text is "textual" ways such as font, color, and minor tweaks, but if you include a "symbol", you should include only one symbol.

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