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Aaron Agassi
Somerville MA USA

Real Name:  Aaron Agassi
Primary Role:  Coder
Website:  http://www.foolquest.com
Joined: Apr 2002 (18 years ago)
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Aaron Agassi
How can one link to a specific page within a frame
When one opens a frames page, each frame then opens on it's default page. And I can navigate to open different pages within the frames. , , Now, I can either link to the frames page opening each frame on it's respective default page, or I can link to whatever page of content that I have located. But not to open within the frame set. , , So, HOW do I create a link that opens the right page WITHIN the intended frame set? My Internet Explorer Favorites do open the desired specific pages within their framesets, exactly as they appeared when I clicked "Add To Favorites". , , But I have thus far failed to incorporate a favorite as a link in a webpage of my own making.
18 years ago

Take a look at the target attribute of the hlink command. With the target command you can specifiy which target frame you wish the page to open in.
18 years ago
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Aaron Agassi
Re: Attack on America
I would like to weigh in with my outrage at the CIA for ever fuding, arming and training Al Queda and then, worst of all, abandoning Afganistan in shambles after the Cold War ended. , , Why can't we just support people like Corazone Aquino more often? , , In a word, Graft! We can blame the likes of Al Queda on the likes of Enron.
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18 years ago
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