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Hello Prestwood Board Users!
Hi Everyone,, , My name is Karen, and I have been working with computers since, well, I remember punch cards, now isn't that scary. Why, I was taking a computer class in California in databases, and it was the FIRST database class given, and well, they never got it working so that we could actually try it, so it was just a theoretical from the book class., , We used to write "programs" in Q&A - anyone out there remember Q&A, and dBase, and FoxPro, and Paradox. I'm sure there were others, but I'm just highlighting some things for background sake., , I look forward to reading your posts to learn what you all are doing these days., , We still write Paradox stand alones and debate regularly whether to stick with Paradox or move on. We are currently moving into the web arena and enjoying it., , That's all about me for now. Nice to meet you all.
19 years ago

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104 days ago
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RE: Hello Prestwood Board Users!
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104 days ago
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