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Maryland, USA

Real Name:  Joeyrocco [Unspecified]
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images in Microsoft FrontPage 2000
Laying out single-page HTML notices with FrontPage 2000. These E-notifications are intended to be sent by e-mail. Most images come through OK, however, when I place an image or animation in a table as a background for that table (i.e. to overlay type or images within the table) the background image does not show up when e-mailed to others. Mine looks fine. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
15 years ago

No problem, glad my input helped out. It sounds like you're past it now. , , For others and completeness up here, to correctly embed an image in Frontpage and email it, just make sure the graphic is on the web some place and use a fully qualified URL.
15 years ago
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Re: images in Microsoft FrontPage 2000
Yes, I meant that it looks good in my e-mail-but not in anybody else's. Apparently I did not properly embed the graphic in Frontpage. Thank you for your time.
15 years ago
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