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Paradox v1 for windows
I hope I am in the right place to get the info I need. I have used the original v1 from the early nineties and am currently on windows xp, just for paradox. The laptop is almost at the end of its life, so must move on. I will try to upload it to a windows 7 laptop in xp mode. But perhaps I should move up the paradox version ladder too. Can I still get  v5 and would I be able to use my existing databases and would I easlily be able to use v5? Can it be used  on windows 10? And what about the latest corel versions? Are these a step too far for thid it dinosaur. A few different questions but hope someone out there can help. In my narrow circle of uk friends no one has ever used paradox, sono help there. Looking forward to any input.
24 months ago
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