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do not understand the meaning of SMS? what is it about?
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87 days ago
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JavaScript and AJAX

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Posted 78 days ago
ASP Classic Constructors (Class_Initialize)

General Info: Class Constructor

Constructors are called when you instantiate an object from a class. This is where you can initialize variables and put code you wish executed each time the class is created. When you initially set the member fields and properties of an object, you are initializing the state of the object. The state of an object is the values of all it's member fields and properties at a given time.

Languages Focus: Constructor

What is the syntax? Can you overload constructors? Is a special method name reserved for constructors?

ASP Classic Constructors

When an object instance is created from a class, ASP calls a special parameter-less sub named Class_Initialize. Since you cannot specify parameters for this sub, you also cannot overload it. When a class is destroyed, ASP calls a special sub called Class_Terminate.

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