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Shooting Sports Software
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Company:  Shooting Sports Software
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Real Name:  George Cook
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Windows 7 and the BDE
I have a system I developed using Borland C++ and Paradox as the database. I started this project running on Windows 98 and finally through XP with NO problems. When Vista came out the system would no longer work, BDE problems. I would like to know if anyone out there has a fix for the BDE when running Windows 7. I have it working but I get an error from time to time, "Failed to initalize BDE". Also when using a NetWork drive I have to turn the User account control off. My system runs better and faster on Windows XP but the world is going to Win 7 and I have to keep up. I have 370+ users of my software and I have issues with the way the system works in Windows 7. George Cook Shooting Sports Software  LLC
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9 years ago
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