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Kathy D
Myska and Vandervoort LLC
Richmond, TX USA

Company:  Myska and Vandervoort LLC

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Real Name:  Kathy Davidson
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Kathy D
Forms - Cursor Position Changed
Currently using Paradox - Have an existing input form and have experienced a change this week for one user in the way the cursor is positioned when pressing F2 edit.  For all other users when F2 is pressed the cursor positions itself at the beginning of the field.  For this user upon pressing F2 the cursor is positioned at the end of the field.  I have been unable to find a solution to return the cursor to it's normal position (at beginning of field) upon edit.  I am sure it was a sequence of key strokes hit.  Closing out Paradox does not return cursor to correct position.
Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Forms « Paradox Board
9 years ago
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