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Form with dependent combo boxes (beginner)
Hello- Very much a beginner at Access here.  I'm trying to create a form for data entry, and may have several questions, but let's start with this one: I am entering data related to employee attendance at professional development sessions.  There are six categories of sessions, and each category contains about 20-40 independent sessions. For the first two steps of the data entry process, I would like to have two combo boxes: one in which the category is selected, and the second in which the exact session in question  (sorted by data and course title) is selected.  Of course, I would rather not have the second combo box contain over 200 sessions.  The question is thus: How do I make the contents of the second combo box dependent on those of the first, so that if a particular category is selected in the first, only the sessions in that category are displayed in the second? Thanks in advance.,
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