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Tabbing across fields in a form
I have created a form with the fields in my table. The users needs a new field to be established. I entered it in my table and on my form. But the field is now the last field to be highlighted when tabbing through the form. I intially used the Tab Order feature to drag the field into the position I wanted it to be selected by the tabbing process. I also verified the Tab Index property was the correct number. The field is still highlighted as the last field in the form when tabbing., , I tried this in 2000 and in XP., , A simple example would be to layout field1, field2 and field3 on the form. Now position field3 between 1 and 2. No matter what I do, field 3 is always last when tabbing., , Thanks for the suggestions.
Posted to MB Topic: MS Access Interactive « Access Board
19 years ago

What development environment? If Delphi, did you try the tab order property?
13 years ago
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