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Nate Chute
image best practice
For managing images in an access database, is it better to let the images reside outside of the database and reference them or load them into a table. Secondly, what file extension works best (gif, jpg etc) And lastly, can you imbed a windows explorer (XP) into a form where you can view images by the API get the file name (inventory number) and display the database information for that item. Nate Chute
Posted to MB Topic: MS Access Interactive « Access Board
17 years ago

Store the image outside of your MDB Access database. Definately. There are many benefits to storing it outside of Access including the following:
  • More easily work with all the images at once.
  • avoid the overhead of an OLE server
  • decrease the size of your MDB file
  • easily reuse images with other development tools such as a website, VB, VS.Net, etc.
  • Metadata is preserved
  • 12 years ago
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