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Real Name:  philbert25 [Unspecified]
Primary Role:  Coder
Joined: Feb 2007 (13 years ago)
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Frustrating browser issues
Here is the site I am working on for myself., http://www.lanedesignonline.com , As is often the case it looks good in some browsers but has problems in others. There are a few problems I haven' been able to figure out. I will list them by browser, , [b]IE6 for Windows[/b], The background image for my navigation bar isn't showing up in IE6, does anyone know why? Also the red color for my footer seems to bleed up into my columns on everypage but the homepage., , [b]Firefox for OSX[/b], Adds a ton of space to the bottom of my container., , Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
13 years ago

Phil, I apologise for the tardy reply. I've viewed your site in both IE7 and FireFox  It looks like you've solved the problems. Your site looks great (and the same), in either browser. Nice work.
13 years ago
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Website Design & Hosting

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New guy
Hey, I'm a graphic/web designer who sometimes needs advice with CSS issues. Nice to meet everyone.
13 years ago

Hey new guy. I see no one welcomed you when you signed so I thought I would say welcome. Let me know if you have any questions. What languages do you code in?
13 years ago
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