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RE: ODBC Join tables
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14 months ago
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ODBC Join tables
I am attempting to join two tables through an 'INDEX' field like so: SELECT w.LOCATION, w.BOLIN, w.DATEIN, w.LOT, w.QTY, w.UNITMEAS, w.CUSTCODE, w.WEIGHT, w.PRODUCTCODE, , w."INDEX", w.QUAR FROM wrhse AS w, items AS s , WHERE w.DATEOUT IS NULL AND s.poCode ='"+txtpoCode+"' AND w."INDEX" = s."INDEX" However I am not getting a result. Initially I was using the following: sql = 'SELECT * FROM subitemsTEST.DB WHERE poCode = '"+txtpoCode+"' order by index desc' to get the indexes and from there I would get the data from 'wrhse' having the indexes. But when I get more than 192 rows for some reason the system does not display the complete result set. Why can this be? How can I join two tables? Thank you in advance.
18 months ago

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14 months ago
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