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Prestwood IT
Citrus Heights, CA USA

Real Name:  Tom Lupton
Primary Role:  Analyst
Title:  Sr Software Developer
Company:  Prestwood IT Solutions
Joined: Dec 2000 (20 years ago)
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How much is UML used?
I'm just curious as to how many people out there are commited to using UML. I'm so tired of people scribbling something down and saying "Oh, it's just a little thing I made up". What percentage of people you know are using UML?
20 years ago

We use the UML extensively here at Prestwood Software. To be fair though, we also use other methods along with it. We tie it all together with our own methodology: Prestwood Software Deveopment Methodology (PSDM). If you're curious about how we do all this, [URL=http://prestwood.com/products/psdm/]click here[/URL] to download PSDM.
19 years ago
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