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loading help please
im new at all of this so this is a really stupid thing to ask but anyways here is my question:, , i have put some wav files on my web pages, some of them are rather large. more than 100K. my problem is that when the links they are attached to are clicked there is a considerable delay before any sound is heard becase the files are so large. once the file loads once the problem is over with but i would like to know how to load them when the page loads to avoid this situation., , its an onload thing im sure but i just dont know how to use it in this situation., , any help would be appreciated. thank you---
17 years ago

Do you add the wav file into geocites, xoom?
17 years ago
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declaring wav file variables
Hi there! i found some code that is designed to preload images when a page loads. what i need to know is how to use it with wav files. , , does anyone know whow to declare a variable thats used to hold a wav file? thank you for your help....
17 years ago
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