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Reason:  I want to post articles based on my coding techniques and PC troubleshooting experiences.
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About Me:

Please visit my software developer website for more information about my services. I offer application development as well as Android app coding services. My developer skills are best suited to dealing with custom software projects. I can perform programming for Corel Paradox as well as C# Sharp and PHP.

In my local area of northeast Ohio, I can cater to computer repair and "fix my computer" issues.

Use my contact web page today to reach me about any software design ideas you have.

My Personal Message:

I have created custom software/apps for business people in the Cleveland, Ohio USA area for more than 2 decades. I have acquired the experience and insight for how to make programming the efficient and time saving business partner it should be. If you are running a general office type of business, then Intuit Quickbooks or Microsoft Office will probably be fine for your purposes. There is a need for my services when a customer has to create a very specific software solution that can't be resolved with an "off-the-shelf" programmed application. I have traditionally performed this work for industrial businesses, because they tend to use very specific processes that demand specialized solutions. However, I can cater to most any business that requires such specialized work.

Programming Languages: Access, Android Java, C, C++, C#, Paradox, PHP
Other Interests: walking, canoeing, travel, visiting historical sites

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