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SDK Bridge
Reason:  I was looking for a place to publish a short article that I wrote. This community looks very nice.
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About Me:

Peter founded SDK Bridge to bring together his love of technology and writing. He has worked as a programmer writer to describe technologies as diverse as the Tablet PC, mobile phones, and Live Framework. As a software developer, he has written software using Tablet PCs, Augmented Reality, 3D visualization, and computer-aided design. At Red Llama, he created a program to teach creative technology classes to low-income youth to inspire them to consider technology careers, obtaining grant money from the Gates Foundation, Microsoft, and others. This program has now become the "Software Development for Kids" project at SDK Bridge. Peter received his BA in Physics from the University of Chicago and his PhD in Applied Physics from Stanford University .

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Programming Languages: C#, Java, JavaScript, C++, Curl
Other Interests: Writing and teaching
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