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Visuall C++
I have just recently started programming., So I am very green., I am buiding an app for someone to calculate specific equations., Everything works great except, when i press enter when in an edit box.. bam...it ends the program., what is going on???, There must be a very simple explanation for this...right????, Any help would be greatly appreciated., Thx
Posted to MB Topic: Visual C++
19 years ago
2 replies. Last post:

visual c++ or dev c ++ is a compiler that supports many properties that are not supported in c compiler. You can download the compiler from https://printerchatsupport.co.uk/dell-printer-support/ . If you are using c compiler then you can not code of template that you can do it on dev c++.
18 months ago
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BDE GetConfigParams Block Size
Hi All, I've been having some fun trying to change the BDE 'block size' during run time. I need to generate large answer tables and I don't want to drag every user though the BDE Administrator. I have no access to their machines other than my software. I like the idea of only modifying the settings when my program is running instead of changing their idapi.cfg file.  "rptSession" is a TSession component in the below example. TStringList* tsl = new TStringList(); rptSession->GetConfigParams("\CONFIGURATION\DRIVERS\NATIVE\PARADOX\%s","BLOCK SIZE",tsl);, I can compile, and no matter what permutation of path I dictate, the engine can't find the parameter that I specify. I want to read the current block size, then modify it while the session is active. Thanks in Advance! Jim Shedden
Posted to MB Topic: C++Builder
10 years ago
1 Reply:

After the download of machine liker is total, click on the data to install it. machineliker This car Liker words quite basic, absolutely nothing complicated entailed below.
24 months ago
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MainMenu item chosen
Hello Mike

I do need your help!!!!!! pleeeease!!

I have a lot of forms in my program and one depends on one another. Form1 has a mainmenu whose items are: viga, trelica, portico and grelha(from civil engineering).
In Form5 i need to know the item chosen before in Form1, but i don't know how to do it. I do'nt know the syntax

Example (in Form5)

if (Form1->Viga1.OnClick) or if (Form1->Viga1-> Clicked == true)

Do something.........


Please, help me! It's my graduation paper and i need to finish it as soon as possible

Thanks dude!!!
Posted to MB Topic: C++Builder
10 years ago
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class that should not be inherited.
How to write the class such that it should not be inherited by other class.
Posted to MB Topic: Standard C++
12 years ago
1 Reply:

For C++, to prevent derivation make the constructor a private member of the class. In .Net you use the keyword sealed and in java you use a final class.
12 years ago
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C Chat Server for Borland?
I have been looking for a few weeks now for a chatserver example in C and can't find one that works for BCB 5.5.  I can find C++ servers but none that are in C that actually works for BCB.  Can someone point me in the right direction?  I wish to connect a database to a console program, but would like the code to be C based and not C++ ( I hear it is faster in regular ansi C).  Thank you in advance!
Posted to MB Topic: C Language
13 years ago
1 Reply:

Did you ever find a chat server? If not, how did you work around that. Are you porting one of the C++ ones or still looking?
13 years ago
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1. How I Create the Current Date, Day of the Week and Time in Borland C++ 5.02

This article discusses the Borland C++ 5.02 coding I used to create a dialog screen that shows the current date, day of week and time.

Posted to KB Topic: C++
15 months ago
(4 Comments , last by Pervez.J )

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2. Three Reasons I Like to Use Text Files to Store Data in My Software Applications

This article discusses three reasons I like to use fixed width text files in my C, C++ and C# application programs.

Posted to KB Topic: C++
16 months ago
(3 Comments , last by Pervez.J )

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3. Old MS DOS Based Borland Turbo C for Text Word Processor

This article describes the procedural C programming for an old MS-DOS based application to perform text based word processing.

Posted to KB Topic: Classic C Language
30 months ago, and updated 16 months ago
(4 Comments , last by Naina.C )

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4. Old MS DOS Based Borland Turbo C for Scrolling Through a Binary Text File of Fixed Width Records

This article describes the procedural C programming for an old MS-DOS based application to scroll and page rows of records in a list retrieved from a binary text file.

Posted to KB Topic: Classic C Language
30 months ago, and updated 15 months ago

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  Code Snippet Created
1. Comments 1/1/2009
2. Prevent Derivation 1/1/2009
3. Abstraction 1/1/2009
4. End of Statement 1/1/2009
5. Case Sensitivity 1/1/2009
6. Literals 1/1/2009
7. Variables 1/1/2009
8. Assignment 1/1/2009
9. String Concatenation 1/1/2009
10. File Extensions 1/1/2009


  Topic Category Created
1. Array Data Structures 3/20/2010
2. Comments Language Basics 1/1/2009
3. Left of String Commands 1/1/2009
4. Prevent Derivation OOP Details 1/1/2009
5. Abstraction OOP Details 1/1/2009
6. End of Statement Language Basics 1/1/2009
7. Case Sensitivity Language Basics 1/1/2009
8. Literals Language Basics 1/1/2009
9. Variables Language Basics 1/1/2009
10. Assignment Operators 1/1/2009

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