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Form won't open
Inexperienced user here.  Self-taught, and smart enough to know that I don't know much. Paradox 10 running on Windows 10 I spent weeks developing a paradox form and application for a project I'm doing, then the form simply stopped loading. So I did it all again, spending weeks again. Then it stopped loading again. I can open all other forms in the same project, all tables, and all datamodels.  The form in question worked fine when I had it open last, designing and testing it.  Now it won't load.  All I get is the timer circle spinning, and it won't stop until I go to Task Manager and shut Paradox down.  No error message at all.
Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Forms
24 hours ago
13 replies. Last post:

paradox is sold as part of the WP Suite.. it has not changed since 2002 the help file thing is generic to 32-bit hlp files sorry that you're jumping into something unknown.. we've given several potential solutions, but without actually having the files in front of us, it's all guesswork
8 hours ago
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Working dierctory problem
Hi All. I have a very strange occurence happening with Paradox 9. The working directory is all set correctly and tables working spot on. If I look at table view all data correct and up to date but when I look at the tables in the folder via windows explorer they ar over 5 years old ?? I can table view, re structure and save as and this would work but i cant see where paradox is getting this other information from. Could this be a registry error or windows problem? Thanks in anticipation... Andy
Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Setup, Vista, etc.
13 days ago
5 replies. Last post:

{Too Long!}
12 days ago
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trouble using SendDLG() on 2016 RDS svr W/ Outlook
I am starting up a new 2016 RDS server to replace a 2008 R2 Terminal server running a Paradox 11 App. I am having trouble using the M.SendDLG() command, which runs fine on The 2008R2 server. I get a windows error about the default email client and to open Outlook and set it as default I have opened outlook and set it as default I have also set it in control panel default programs and through settings default programs Both servers are running Outlook, the 2016 server where the problem is occuring is running Outlook 2019. There is also a Paradox errormessage that simply says "Main".  I think thats the errorShow for the M.SendDLG() Anyone else run into this?
Posted to MB Topic: ObjectPAL
21 days ago
6 replies. Last post:

we're in the middle of a similar assessment.. no, it's not 32/64, best I can tell, it's restrictions on older, less-secure platforms no, Corel isn't gonna touch paradox bear in mind that the paradox community is very small now.. we don't get messes of folks testing the same issues, at the same time, any more Windows does has it's own set of API calls to manually run Outlook
20 days ago
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Where to Find Service Packs For PDX9 and 10
Hi: Just starting using a new laptop and would like to get either Paradox 9 or 10 on it. I have the install disks, but was wondering where I can get the service packs for those versions since it has been 15+ years since they were available. Thanks!
Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Setup, Vista, etc.
55 days ago
4 replies. Last post:

Very generous of you to maintain this page and the links it contains. Thank you!
28 days ago
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Paradox 9 from Word perfect office 2000 Disks
Purchasing a new WS and unable to find my Paradox 9 disks from Corel Wordperfect office 200 Professional to perform new install. What newer versions of Paradox can I purchase which would be compatible with my older version and not have functionality issues with the Databases and queries, reports that I have already created.
Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Setup, Vista, etc.
28 days ago
1 Reply:

p9, p10, and p11 are essentially the same program.. all still work fine with win10
28 days ago
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  KB Article    

1. A Customized Software Glitch That Was Not

This article discusses what seemed to initially be a Corel Paradox programming glitch in objectPAL language that was actually something completely different.

Posted to KB Topic: ObjectPAL Coding
12 months ago
(2 Comments , last by Pervez.J )

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John Andres
2. open table
Posted to KB Topic: P9 Book: Power Programming
15 months ago
(6 Comments , last by Pervez.J )

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3. How to Make Programmed Paradox Queries with Microsoft Notepad

Takeaway: This article discusses a technique I use to create ObjectPAL queries that can easily be modified for other purposes such as customized reporting.

Posted to KB Topic: ObjectPAL Coding
58 months ago, and updated 13 months ago
(3 Comments , last by mprestwood )

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4. Paradox ObjectPAL Email Blast Programming

This article will discuss an ObjectPAL coding technique I use to send out an “email blast” from a Paradox data table of email addresses via a third party email client.

Posted to KB Topic: ObjectPAL Coding
58 months ago, and updated 13 months ago

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Code Snippets

  Code Snippet Created
1. Array 3/23/2010
2. Sort Records 2/8/2010
3. Filter Records 2/7/2010
4. Find Record 2/7/2010
5. Edit Record 2/7/2010
6. Record Movement 2/7/2010
7. Comments 1/1/2009
8. subStr 1/1/2009
9. End of Statement 1/1/2009
10. Case Sensitivity 1/1/2009


  Topic Category Created
1. Array Data Structures 3/20/2010
2. Sort Records Database 2/8/2010
3. Filter Records Database 2/7/2010
4. Find Record Database 2/7/2010
5. Edit Record Database 2/7/2010
6. Record Movement Database 2/7/2010
7. Comments Language Basics 1/1/2009
8. Left of String Commands 1/1/2009
9. Prevent Derivation OOP Details 1/1/2009
10. Abstraction OOP Details 1/1/2009

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Question Level Type Based on KB Post KB Topic
{Too Long!} 2 TF {Too Long!} Paradox & ObjectPAL
{Too Long!} 3 MC {Too Long!} OPAL: Language Basics
What are the logical operators? 1 MC {Too Long!} OPAL: Language Basics
{Too Long!} 1 MC ObjectPAL Assignment (=) OPAL: Language Basics
{Too Long!} 2 TF {Too Long!} OPAL: Language Basics
Which statement is true? 2 MC {Too Long!} OPAL: Language Details
{Too Long!} 1 MC {Too Long!} OPAL: Language Basics
{Too Long!} 2 TF {Too Long!} OPAL: Language Basics
{Too Long!} 1 MC {Too Long!} OPAL: Language Basics
{Too Long!} 1 YN {Too Long!} OPAL: Language Basics

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