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formatted memo question
I have a form field which I would like to use to modify a formatted memo table field without giving the user direct access to the underlying table.  I can get the table field to display in the form field, but when I try to update it the formatting doesn't seem to work.  (tab and enter keys take me out of the form field).  I have tried both undefined and defined field creation and the only difference is that I have to press F9 when entering text into the defined field version.  How do I enter formatted text into this field?
Posted to MB Topic: ObjectPAL
69 hours ago
7 replies. Last post:

OK.  The Shift F2 makes it work like I thought it should.  I'm sure that that is somewhere in the reference manual and I've been glossing over it.  I'll need to include a text reminder on the screen above the field in order to have the users update the field properly, :-)  but that's no biggie.  Thanks for the help.  
40 hours ago
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Paradox 9 not working after Win 10 upgrade
I need help.  All of my Paradox 9 runtime users are getting the following error message after I upgraded 3 workstations to Windows 10.  Not all workstations have been upgraded but now they all receive the following error message when attempting to login to Paradox... An error was triggered in the 'qlocate' method on an object of TCursor type....TCursor not opened.  Our server is Windows 2012 Any help is appreciated.
Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Setup, Vista, etc.
26 days ago
27 replies. Last post:

F:\IDAPI\BDE\idapi.cfg that way, they're all pointing to one file.. if you change anything, you only change it once in THAT file, make sure it says the net file is in that same folder, too
68 hours ago
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Printing with Office 365
Upgraded to Office 365 & got the LCAppPrint Initialized Failed error.  Installed the Hotfix Runtime patch after un/reinstalling Paradox 11.  Now, when i try to print, the program closes.    Any ideas are welcomed.  (Using Paradox for single user database & reports.)
Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Reports
6 days ago
3 replies. Last post:

external connectivity issues (printing, MAPI email, etc) can change with the versions.. p11 is the same, but the suite is different, , also, if you're using full paradox, a runtime patch isn't related to using that
6 days ago
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Paradox 10 "invalid alias"
When I try to export a database, ( File | Export ) I am getting a cryptic "invalid alias" message in the message bar. No further info. I must have screwed up my settings somewhere and cannot find what alias it is referring to. My :priv: and :work: aliases are working fine.
Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Setup, Vista, etc.
25 days ago
11 replies. Last post:

Cottage.. there is only one active cfg file at a time.. unless you're actually deploying multiple configurations, depending on which client/app you're working on, having more than one can create oppotunities for confusion the first two, the "bars" configs, are for the toolbars.. yes, if they get hosed, they can be deleted
21 days ago
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ObjectPal msgQuestion
I have not done any script writing for many years and my memory isn't what it used to be. In one of my scripts I have a msgQuestion that brings up a dialogue box. The default answer in the box is "Yes". Can I change it to "No" because that is the prevailing answer. Rarely do I need to select "Yes"
Posted to MB Topic: ObjectPAL
27 days ago
2 replies. Last post:

Why don;t you just change the text of the msgQuestion so that the defaulty answer is Yes ???
25 days ago
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1. A Customized Software Glitch That Was Not

This article discusses what seemed to initially be a Corel Paradox programming glitch in objectPAL language that was actually something completely different.

Posted to KB Topic: ObjectPAL Coding
8 months ago
(2 Comments , last by Pervez.J )

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John Andres
2. open table
Posted to KB Topic: P9 Book: Power Programming
11 months ago
(6 Comments , last by Pervez.J )

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3. How to Make Programmed Paradox Queries with Microsoft Notepad

Takeaway: This article discusses a technique I use to create ObjectPAL queries that can easily be modified for other purposes such as customized reporting.

Posted to KB Topic: ObjectPAL Coding
54 months ago, and updated 9 months ago
(3 Comments , last by mprestwood )

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4. Paradox ObjectPAL Email Blast Programming

This article will discuss an ObjectPAL coding technique I use to send out an “email blast” from a Paradox data table of email addresses via a third party email client.

Posted to KB Topic: ObjectPAL Coding
54 months ago, and updated 9 months ago

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Code Snippets

  Code Snippet Created
1. Array 3/23/2010
2. Sort Records 2/8/2010
3. Filter Records 2/7/2010
4. Find Record 2/7/2010
5. Edit Record 2/7/2010
6. Record Movement 2/7/2010
7. Comments 1/1/2009
8. subStr 1/1/2009
9. End of Statement 1/1/2009
10. Case Sensitivity 1/1/2009


  Topic Category Created
1. Array Data Structures 3/20/2010
2. Sort Records Database 2/8/2010
3. Filter Records Database 2/7/2010
4. Find Record Database 2/7/2010
5. Edit Record Database 2/7/2010
6. Record Movement Database 2/7/2010
7. Comments Language Basics 1/1/2009
8. Left of String Commands 1/1/2009
9. Prevent Derivation OOP Details 1/1/2009
10. Abstraction OOP Details 1/1/2009

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Question Level Type Based on KB Post KB Topic
{Too Long!} 2 TF {Too Long!} Paradox & ObjectPAL
{Too Long!} 3 MC {Too Long!} OPAL: Language Basics
What are the logical operators? 1 MC {Too Long!} OPAL: Language Basics
{Too Long!} 1 MC ObjectPAL Assignment (=) OPAL: Language Basics
{Too Long!} 2 TF {Too Long!} OPAL: Language Basics
Which statement is true? 2 MC {Too Long!} OPAL: Language Details
{Too Long!} 1 MC {Too Long!} OPAL: Language Basics
{Too Long!} 2 TF {Too Long!} OPAL: Language Basics
{Too Long!} 1 MC {Too Long!} OPAL: Language Basics
{Too Long!} 1 YN {Too Long!} OPAL: Language Basics

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