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Bryan Valencia
Google Crawler Issues
{Too Long!}
10 years ago
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8 months ago
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Good post. Thanks for sharing.
8 months ago
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Macromedia Flash
Here's the problem - Macromedia Flash shows player and controls,  but dosn't show any content. (this is for the viewing of a foran site.) I think the problem lays in the "Embed" Tag used on some sites, since the problem only happens on afew sites seen. Any ideas to the cause and a fix for it ?  (this has me stumped and many other techs.)  
Posted to MB Topic: Macromedia Flash
12 years ago
1 Reply:

{Too Long!}
12 years ago
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Need help creating a voting poll on website.
I have to create a "Voting" poll on the front page of my homepage. Also want to create something that will store the votes that are selected. Maybe even store what question i was asking and the number of votes for the answers associated with that question. I do not have very much experience with html/php/etc. I have seen alot of websites that you can make a voting poll and put their code in your website but in some way it links their website to your website and i dont like that, so i was wondering if anyone could possibly lead me in the right direction of making my own. I use Dreamweave for my html editing needs...  Any help is appreciated, thanks! -David
13 years ago
1 Reply:

Hi David, Yes, I don't like the ones that use another website either. So that means you need to install one of the ones that runs on your website to a DB on your website. PHP and MySQL are very common so I put a link to the following page that lists out a bunch of em: http://www.hotscripts.com/PHP/Scripts_and_Programs/Polls_and_Voting/more9.html
12 years ago
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Favorites Icon
Could some help me please, I have been trying to find out how you go about getting a nice little icon/image (instead of a file) to appear next to the name of a web site on the Favorites bar when you add a site to Favourites., Does anybody know how this is done as I haven't a clue. Confused
19 years ago
3 replies. Last post:

In Windows- right click on the curent graphic goto  Properties click , click on Change Icon , goto where you have the icon you want click on the icon.  (the icon you use should be on your hard drive.)
13 years ago
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NE Ohio Computer Guy
1. How to Program a HTML List Box to Redirect to Other Web Pages

This article describes a technique I use in HTML to perform redirection to other web pages.

Posted to KB Topic: Website Scripting
17 days ago

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NE Ohio Computer Guy
2. How to Make Web Pages Format Uncommon Fonts Most PCs Do Not Have in Windows Font Manager

This article describes a cascading style sheet coding technique I use to format uncommon fonts that are not included in the Windows font manager.

Posted to KB Topic: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
55 months ago, and updated 33 days ago
(9 Comments , last by Alan.S2 )

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3. Creating content is like making cupcakes

An article about  Marketing News.

6 years ago, and updated 13 days ago
(97 Entries , last by Jareena.r )

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4. 3 Major mistakes you can make with your website

website mistakes, website navigation, website layout, marketing strategies, website design

6 years ago, and updated 91 days ago
(20 Entries , last by dorcas.s )

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