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1. How to Make Yourself Creative?

In any creative endeavor, you have to give yourself permission to create scrap. There is no way around it. Sometimes you have to write four terrible pages just to discover that you wrote one good sentence in the second paragraph of the third page. Creating something useful and compelling is like being a gold miner. You have to sift through pounds of dirt and rock and silt just to find a speck of gold in the middle of it all. Always remember, stars only shine in the darkness.

Posted to KB Topic: Testing, QA, QC
81 days ago

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Mike Prestwood
2. Test Using Common Browsers Test each website with various common browsers. As of early 2008, we test each website we build with Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Safari. Sometimes we also include Opera as part of our standard test suite. The minimum resolution we test for "regular" websites is 1024x768 (and higher). We no longer support 800x600.
Posted to KB Topic: Testing Websites
12 years ago, and updated 12 years ago
(3 Comments , last by ellaavery.e )

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Mike Prestwood
3. QC versus QA What is the difference between quality control and quality assurance?
Posted to KB Topic: Testing, QA, QC
12 years ago

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Mike Prestwood
4. Quality Control A process employed to ensure a certain level of quality in each deliverable such as a requirements specification, a design specification, the final delivered software, etc.
Posted to KB Topic: Testing, QA, QC
12 years ago

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