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Get Assignment Writers
If you cannot make an assignment by your own the best thing in the most useful honest to look for Assignment Writers as assignment help services are so cheap that anyone can avail them if they have this in mind that they want to achieve the best grades ever.  If you're looking for the best work all you need to do is understand what online assistance is that is provided by the writers.  All you need to do is log in to the website and interact with the writer that is readily available for everyone who accesses this website.  
Posted to MB Topic: Tech Writing
15 months ago
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Law Case Study Assignment Help
A law case study can be defined as a study of pattern, the behavior of a past case which is done to help law students understand a particular law and how the case proceedings were done. It makes students clear their concept of the law and how can it be effectively used for the betterment of people and society. In law case study examples, every aspect of the case, including both of the parties involved, situation and the outcome of the decision is analyzed. These law case studies examples help law students to gain deep insights of all the laws of the particular country and how they can be used to defend their cases once they become a lawyer. Law case study assignments are written in a specific format which is divided into segments to convey student’s messages and thoughts well to the readers.
Posted to MB Topic: Tech Writing
16 months ago
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6 months ago
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Tips for solving a technical assignments
{Too Long!}
Posted to MB Topic: Tech Writing
7 months ago
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6 months ago
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Advantages Of Wikipedia Page For Your Business
Have you been thinking about establishing a presence on Wikipedia? If not then you should know the six fundamental reasons to design a Wikipedia page for a business. Let’s discuss them below: 1. Wikipedia enables you to compose or update the data on your platform., 2. Wikipedia page creation for your brand, service and product is the ultimate tool for brand recognition, 3. Having a well-composed wiki is a license for your company and commodities, 4. It adds plausibility and authenticity to your industry. , 5. It expands your traffic and lead generation , 6. It promotes the perceptibility and appearance of the brand. However, before designing a Wikipedia page, make sure that you work with a Professional Wikipedia Editor and that your business has enough references to prove the credibility of your brand. Do you know any disadvantages of having a Wikipedia page?
Posted to MB Topic: Tech Writing
11 months ago
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10 months ago
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UK Assignment Help Service
Are you looking for some UK Assignment Help Service?  If yes then you must definitely opt for an assignment writer which is readily available for everyone who is looking for some help.  If you don't want to, curtail your activities while you live in the hostel or at your home if you arenew to education and you want to enjoy your life, and you do not want to make the assignments at all, because you have been burdened in with a lot of educational material. If you are in this case you don't need to look for the other than assignment help.
Posted to MB Topic: Tech Writing
15 months ago
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Ramesh R
1. Conceptual Thinking

Conceptual thinking deals with conceptualization theory and helps in assessing or dealing with complex situations. This is very important especially while working with user documentation projects or while performing writing of content.

Posted to KB Topic: Technical Writing
8 years ago
(1 Comments , last by Richard.R3 )

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Peter Gruenbaum
2. API Documentation Survey Results

In a perfect world, API documentation would contain clear, complete instructions on everything that developers need to know to use your platform. In reality, organizations have limited time and budget to create API documentation, and so organizations need to prioritize to create documentation that is most useful to the people who will use it.

SDK Bridge set out to find out what is most important to the people who use APIs by sending out a survey and asking them. We found, not surprisingly, that many thought that documentation could be better. When asked to rate quantitatively, people rated overviews, sample code, and API references the highest, followed closely by tutorials. When asked for open-ended comments, a large percentage mentioned working sample code as helpful, and an equally high percentage mentioned how important it is that documentation be complete and accurate. Two other important factors that were mentioned by several respondants are (1) it is very helpful to explain why you would use something in addition to how you use it and (2) completeness and accuracy are critical.

Posted to KB Topic: Technical Writing
9 years ago, and updated 9 years ago
(1 Comments , last by Jennifer.D2 )

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Peter Gruenbaum
3. Crowd-Sourcing API Documentation

Crowd-sourcing (that is, using Web-based technology to gather API documentation content from your users) has the potential to lower documentation costs and make your documentation more relevant. However, relying solely your developer community to provide documentation will result in uneven quality and coverage. I recommend a hybrid approach, where professional programmer/writers write parts of the documentation, as well as rewrite and polish content from the community. Several tools are available that enable communities to contribute documentation content. 

Posted to KB Topic: Technical Writing
10 years ago

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4. Rated by MSNBC.

Technical writing is an in-demand field and rated one of the top five high-paying, low stress jobs by MSNBC.

Posted to KB Topic: Technical Writing
10 years ago
(2 Comments , last by Anonymous )

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