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Unexpected Error
hi, i have been working on a wordsearch content maker. the program works fine when i run it from the computer where i made the program. but when i copy the program to another computer i recieve a "unexpected error" and crashes. what am i doing wrong? any help would be apreciated. thanks.
Posted to MB Topic: PSDP
18 years ago
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Rose Vs. OTW Vs. ??
My team is considering starting to officially use a development tool, and we know of Rational, (obviously). I have heard of OTW Software's product, and started playing with it. It looks great, but I was wondering if anyone has any comments about it? anyone using it on a long term basis?
Posted to MB Topic: Project Management / Other
19 years ago
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Sample Gantt Charts Please
I have been over the PSDP many times now and have adopted it as my standard. In section 4 of the Project management PDF it states that there are 3 sample MPP's supplied with the templates. Is this true. I was hoping not to have to type them out so if there are samples available it would be appreciated... , , Cheers, , Martin Down Under
Posted to MB Topic: PSDP
17 years ago
1 Reply:

I know this is an old post but I wanted to add something to it in case someone searches here. Yes, we do have sample Gantt charts available in the PSDP private area. They were added sometime after this post so I guess it's good that I waited till now to answer. Banging Head On Wall
16 years ago
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Mike Prestwood
Sample Documents from a real-life project.
, The following PDF documents are from a real-life project. They are provided as an example to follow while working through your own project:, , , [*]psdmdocs.zip (1.8 MB) - Contains the following documents from an example project:, [*]Feasibility Study Report.pdf - many large projects warrant a feasibility study, [*]Requirements.pdf - detailed and complete requirements in writing, [*]Technical Solution Proposal.pdf - high level design, [*]Design.pdf - low level design, [*]ERD.pdf - Database Entity Relationship Diagram, [*]DataDictionary.pdf - a data dictionary describes all tables and columns, [*]IndexReport.pdf - an index report describes all indexes, , These files ARE included in the 2.0a version. [URL=http://www.prestwood.com/standards/psdp]Click Here[/URL] to download the latest.
Posted to MB Topic: PSDP
20 years ago
6 replies. Last post:

Linda:, , Send me an email to me at [EMAIL]mike@prestwood.com[/EMAIL] and I will give you a temporary "full" access code. You can then evaluate ALL current templates and samples., , Include your name, company name, and contact info. I'll honor anyone who makes this request to me, just reference this post (or the boards).
18 years ago
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What about Microsoft Solutions Framework? How does PSDP compare to that?
Posted to MB Topic: PSDP
18 years ago
1 Reply:

Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) is general in nature (a framework). PSDP is a specific process pattern.
18 years ago
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1. Top 4 Reasons why Android Instant Apps are the New Rage

Android is the most common operating system in the world, having over 85% share on smartphones and handheld devices. Google launched instant apps at its I/O conference in 2017 after announcing it a year earlier. Simply put, instant apps are the native android app which users can use without any installation. If you are tired of installing heavy apps on your phone, the instant app is the answer for you.

Posted to KB Topic: PSDP Development
15 months ago

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Mike Prestwood
2. Proof of Concept (POC)

Guidelines for create proof of concepts (POCs).

Posted to KB Topic: PSDP Development
11 years ago

KB Post
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Mike Prestwood
3. PSDP Online Linked Item Features Linked items now show up in lists, more...
Posted to KB Topic: PSDP & Process
12 years ago

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Mike Prestwood
4. UML and PSDP Artifacts How do PSDP Artifacts relate to UML Diagrams and other traditional software documentation?
Posted to KB Topic: PSDP Artifacts
12 years ago

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Checkpoints... 2 MC PSDP Checkpoints PSDP Checkpoints
What is a PSDP checkpoint? 1 MC PSDP Checkpoints PSDP Checkpoints
What is a PSDP artifact? 2 MC Defining PSDP Artifacts PSDP Artifacts
{Too Long!} 1 MC PSDP Design Item PSDP Design

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