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Posted to MB Topic: Website Promotion
4 days ago
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Hotmail Correo

Posted to MB Topic: WWW Website Owners
7 days ago
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Did Google's Penguin Update Peck You?
{Too Long!}
Posted to MB Topic: WWW Website Owners
7 years ago
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  • 19 days ago
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    CGI scripts on a windows 2000 server
    Hello out there. Im having problems running cgi scripts on a prestwood hosted windows 2000 server no matter what the script it brings up the message 'd:\webs\ind186\cgi-bin\directory\index.cgi' script produced no output when it works fine on a unix server. Im thinking that i need the correct path to perl and i have no idea what that could be i called tech support and they said sure theyed help me (for 110 bucks an hour) (the pop3 e-mail doesnt work either) does anybody else out there have a windows hosted plan and is able to use cgi/perl scripts? please tell me what im doing wrong here
    Posted to MB Topic: WWW Website Owners
    18 years ago
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    Clients That Don't Pay??
    I'm sure this is in the wrong category, but I failed to find where it should go...lol. Anyways, I have to ask as it has happened twice now in 3 months. What do you do when a client stiffs you for a design you did, wait, let me rephrase that, What do you do when times get a little hard and you ease up on normally practiced web design (i.e. no deposit) standards to help someone out that totally strings you along only to leave you with a new design? I'm sure it happens a lot to designers, but it makes me even more leery and less trusting of my next client which is a relationship that I do not even like.,
    Posted to MB Topic: WWW Website Owners
    9 years ago
    8 replies. Last post:

    {Too Long!}
    9 years ago
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    1. Seobook Online Keyword Density Analyzer is a Useful SEO Tool

    Seobook has a useful keyword density analyzer for quickly scanning any web page.

    Posted to KB Topic: Website Owners
    35 hours ago

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    Wes Peterson
    2. Pixeur by Veign http://www.veign.com/application.php?appid=107
    Posted to KB Topic: Website Owners
    8 years ago
    (2 Comments , last by Himanshu.M )

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    Mike Prestwood
    3. Using Facebook for Business Checklist & FAQ

    Currently Facebook is the "it" website for social networking. Create a business page for your business, but ONLY if you‘re going to post business stuff to it at least once a month. A simple approach is to show the more social side of your business. Yes, you can post company happenings like specials, awards you‘ve won, events you‘re attending, and company functions like company picnics and get togethers.

    You have to have a personal account, but if you really don‘t want to be on Facebook, you can create a personal Facebook account and only use it for business. This approach allows you to friend clients and interact with them, but you‘ll have to be disciplined and keep your family and true friends off of it, and keep it business focused. Meaning, like the old days, keep your politics, religion, and sex to yourself. You‘ll have to act within your personal Facebook page like you act at the office--professionally at all times.

    If you already have a personal account, create a Facebook page for your business. If you don‘t wish to mix personal info with business, set your privacy settings to friends-of-friends and direct business-folk to your page. Facebook groups are limited to 5,000 members and are used for family, or friends, or club-like activity. However, if your club activity is public, it is better to use a fan page any way. Just like your public account, fan pages are indexed by the search engines but groups are not.

    Posted to KB Topic: Internet Marketing
    9 years ago, and updated 9 years ago
    (8 Comments , last by jessika.k )

    KB Post
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    Mike Prestwood
    4. Social Networking Business Strategies

    Marketing and sales is about reaching out to people. People are on social networks so you, or your company, should be out there too. For some companies, a particular social network such as Facebook is another valuable marketing channel. For others, a social network might be a way they interact with their key customers or vendors.

    Posted to KB Topic: Internet Marketing
    9 years ago, and updated 9 years ago
    (6 Comments , last by Rodgers.G )

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