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Music classes in london
Essay Writers have a number of teachers who give lessons (piano, voice and violin) in the uk.They are all respected performers and have good command on musical instruments
Posted to MB Topic: Delphi Prism
14 months ago
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Mike Prestwood
Anyone got Delphi Prism?
Anyone currently using or studying Prism? If so, post here. I'd like to know if you're studying it or using it on a real project. Also, did you use Delphi, Delphi for .Net, Oxygene, or Lazarous? We have a few existing Delphi clients we are migrating from Delphi to Delphi Prism this next quarter but I've got Delphi Prism and I'm primarily studying it right now.  I'm filling in the Prisdm data for my Prism Cross Reference Language Guides.
Posted to MB Topic: Delphi Prism
11 years ago
7 replies. Last post:

Thanks, Next time i search the .net instead of the Prism Wiki.
7 years ago
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Cache in Asp.Net pages
{Too Long!}
Posted to MB Topic: Delphi Prism
10 years ago
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Mike Prestwood
Fix For .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1 Delphi 8
I just posted a Delphi 8 fix for the error "Required package Borland$ not found" caused by the .Net Framework service pack 1 update to our knowledge base at the following link:, , Prestwood KB - D8 Fix Link - http://www.prestwood.com/aspsuite/kb/document_view.asp?qid=100270, , This fix worked for me and all of our Delphi 8 developers here at Prestwood. It is a compilation of information from various sources already on the Internet.
Posted to MB Topic: Delphi Prism
15 years ago
1 Reply:

Borland now has a proper fix...www.borland.com.
12 years ago
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Mike Prestwood
1. Delphi Prism Member Events (event)

Like all .Net languages, Prism events are a separate type of class member. You define a member event by using the event keyword. Events depend on Delegates to define the signature (the type) of the event they represent and they maintain a list of multiple subscribers - unlike in Delphi for Win32, where each event can only have one handler

Posted to KB Topic: Delphi Prism
10 years ago

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Mike Prestwood
2. Delphi Prism Event Handler

The Delphi Prism

Most notable for Delphi developers is the fact that Prism does not offer initialization nor finalization sections.

Posted to KB Topic: Delphi Prism
10 years ago

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Mike Prestwood
3. Delphi Prism Empty String Check (length)

In Prism, a string can be nil (unassigned), assigned an empty string (""), or assigned a value.  Therefore, to check if a string is empty, you have to check against both nil and (""). Alternatively, you can check the length of the string or use String.IsNullOrEmpty.

Posted to KB Topic: Delphi Prism
10 years ago


KB Post
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Mike Prestwood
4. Delphi Prism Polymorphism

Prism supports the following types of polymorphism:

Posted to KB Topic: OOP
10 years ago, and updated 10 years ago
(1 Comments , last by mtiede )

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Code Snippets

  Code Snippet Created
1. Comments 1/1/2009
2. Prevent Derivation 1/1/2009
3. Abstraction 1/1/2009
4. End of Statement 1/1/2009
5. Case Sensitivity 1/1/2009
6. Literals 1/1/2009
7. Variables 1/1/2009
8. Assignment 1/1/2009
9. String Concatenation 1/1/2009
10. File Extensions 1/1/2009


  Topic Category Created
1. Array Data Structures 3/20/2010
2. Comments Language Basics 1/1/2009
3. Left of String Commands 1/1/2009
4. Prevent Derivation OOP Details 1/1/2009
5. Abstraction OOP Details 1/1/2009
6. End of Statement Language Basics 1/1/2009
7. Case Sensitivity Language Basics 1/1/2009
8. Literals Language Basics 1/1/2009
9. Variables Language Basics 1/1/2009
10. Assignment Operators 1/1/2009

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Question Level Type Based on KB Post KB Topic
{Too Long!} 3 MC {Too Long!} OOP
The class visibility specifiers are: 2 MC {Too Long!} OOP
{Too Long!} 2 TF {Too Long!} OOP
{Too Long!} 2 TF {Too Long!} OOP
In Prism, the base class is TObject. 1 TF {Too Long!} OOP
{Too Long!} 1 TF {Too Long!} Language Basics
{Too Long!} 1 TF {Too Long!} Language Basics
{Too Long!} 3 TF {Too Long!} Language Details
{Too Long!} 1 MC {Too Long!} Delphi Prism
Who''s computer?"');MessageBox.Show("She said, ""Mike's"".");">{Too Long!} 1 TF {Too Long!} Language Basics

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