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changing window TARGET

changing window TARGET in Website Design HTML, XML, CSS, Graphics topic (part of our Website Design & Hosting group).

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Hi Board,

I had an e-commerce website and the problem in question is this.

When users brose the products, they had and small thumnails with and INFO>> link and a BUY NOW button (like the major e-commerce sites)

When user click on INFO>> I had a Javascript that open a new browser window to sow detailed information of the product and with the corresponding BUY NOW button again. This work fine. What I need is that when user click on the button (BUY), close the active window and return to the previous calling an ASP procedure in other page.

How cat I achive this? Big Grin!
 Posted 17 years ago (Thread Starter)
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Adam Lum
Prestwood IT
Citrus Heights, CA

In javascript, you can access a parent window via the window.opener property, i.e. window.opener.foo()  if you had a foo function in the parent window.  In this function you could handle any button push, etc. from the child window passing in any parameters you needed.


As for having an ASP subroutine or function called, I believe the only way you could achieve this is if you have some AJAX in there, with the (in our example) the foo function making an HTTP Request to another ASP script and updating a textbox or div block on the parent page.


Is this what you were attempting to do?

Adam Lum
Senior Programmer
Prestwood Software

 Posted 14 years ago
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Adam Lum is a part time developer for Prestwood Software and participates in this online community when time allows. His day-to-day work is C# coding but his current intrests (right now) are Ruby on Rails and iOS programming with Objective-C.  He has also coded several projects in Java, C++, ASP Classic, and PHP.  His personal website can be found at adamlum.com.

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Thread Started 6/26/2007 2:45:14 PM
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