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.NET VFP Rivalry

.NET VFP Rivalry in General .Net Concepts topic (part of our Coding & OO group).

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New York
I have been hearing a lot as of recently, that there is a rivalry between Visual FoxPro and >NET. For what I understand, users will use one or the other but refuse to use both. Is it true and if so, why?

I ask simply because I am currently trying to place a position(look under job postings) and there just is VERY little response, and I keep hearing about this rivalry as the reason.

What the heck is going on?
 Posted 15 years ago (Thread Starter)
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Adam Lum
Prestwood IT
Citrus Heights, CA

I've never heard of this rivalry.  Certainly there are languages that I prefer to work in but I don't think I'd ever flat out refuse to code in a certain language (especially if the boss told me to).

I'm curious to hear some of the responses and feedback you have received in regards to this 'rivalry' and I'd love to hear from some people who code in one and will not code in the other and their reasoning, etc. 

Adam Lum
Senior Programmer
Prestwood Software

 Posted 13 years ago
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Adam Lum is a part time developer for Prestwood Software and participates in this online community when time allows. His day-to-day work is C# coding but his current intrests (right now) are Ruby on Rails and iOS programming with Objective-C.  He has also coded several projects in Java, C++, ASP Classic, and PHP.  His personal website can be found at adamlum.com.

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Thread Started 6/21/2007 1:02:15 PM
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