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Editing text boxes in PDF with VB !

Editing text boxes in PDF with VB ! in VB Classic Control Usage and Developing topic (part of our Visual Basic Classic group).

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Bethlehem, GA USA

Hey y'all,

I need to fill in PDF files. There is a product available that does thid for the backflow community but I do not have it nor does it do the other half of things I do. (It is not especially user-friendly either.) 

I do backflow testing and calibrate test kits and pressure gauges. That means filling out forms for county offices with a lot of the same data on them from year to year. Sometimes there are several devices per customer. These are scanned PDF forms from the counties (have to be their original, typed format - computer printed is okay).  Calibration data sheets are currently in Excel - spreadsheets formatted to print out for the customer. I fill these out after a test. Copy and paste tends to lead to errors and boredom. Takes too long too!

--> You can guess that I do a lot of typing over - because the data for test reports, calibration sheets, quotes and billing  is not easy to put into the form where it ultimately goes.  It can be stored together, but the output forms are vastly different! I have built a database with access to fix the storage part of the problem, but the test reports that get sent to the counties (about 6 different ones) are in scanned PDF format. I do have acrobat. 

 Having a database makes it easier to  find what is coming up next month, for example, rather than scanning through files in the Windows Explorer. That is getting tedious as my records grow!

What would you suggest without spending a million dollars for Adobe products?

 1. I could convert the files to word and fill in the fields (text boxes and check boxe) via program control,

2. Interface with the PDF files and fill in the text fields with VB,  (How How How???)

3. Use a custome report format - is has to "be" the original county look and feel.

4. hire a assistant to do it!

I have looked at PDF files in binary and do not know how the fields are arranged, accessed or identified. If I have a name for each text box or check box (those are the objects that I use), how do I open it and fill it under VB?

 I also want to port data in fields in the database records into fields in spreadsheets or maybe a pdf file for calibration reports. That way all the data is stored in tables rather than various independant files (each a form).

 What controls do I need and what is the cost? Any ideas?


Bill Allen

near Atlanta 

 Posted 11 years ago (Thread Starter)
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Thread Started 4/23/2008 8:53:31 PM
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Location=Bethlehem, GA USA 
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