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dropdownbox that is populated from a mysql db?

dropdownbox that is populated from a mysql db? in PHP topic (part of our PHP & Delphi for PHP group).

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Baton Rouge, LA USA

Hello everyone, I am wanting to create a dropdown list box that is populated from a mysql database, currently I have figured how to query out what information I need from my database but I do not know how to get it to display correctly in the drop down box. Can someone give me some pointers or help? Down below is a sample code I have created which queries my database and shows the information I queried on the screen, can anyone give me some pointers or lead me in the right direction on making the listbox have the values? After I get that far, I may have other questions, because once someone clicks on one of the values from the dropdown list, I would like to run a query on the value selected and show values on the screen based on what is clicked.. Thank you guys for your time.




$link = @mysql_connect ( "localhost", $user, $pass );

if ( ! $link ) {
 die ( "Couldn't Connect to Preferred Breeders Database. Try Again".mysql_error());

 or die ( "Couldn't open $db: ".mysql_error() );

$result=mysql_query("SELECT DISTINCT NAME FROM test.states WHERE (STATE = 'MS')");


 while ($a_row=mysql_fetch_row($result)){

 print "\n";
 foreach ($a_row as $field){
  print "$field
 print "\n";



 Posted 11 years ago (Thread Starter)
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